Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"PUMAs": Angrier than I thought

Here is a video by -- Rebecca Traister of about a PUMAs article she did and how she was caught off guard by the 800+ comments from angry Hillary supporters.

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Anonymous said...

The mainstream media has silenced us by acting like we don't exist, but I'm here to tell you that I am a proud PUMA member and I subscribe to the concept of NO DEAL. This means that I will not vote for Obama. I will not "get over it" and "come around in the fall".

What motivates Al Gore, I mean to all of a sudden care about Hillary supporters? The DNC is trying to label anyone who does not support Barack Obama as racist, yet Obama was the one who sat in a church for 20 years and listened to hate speech.

They've demonized former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton for months and NOW Obama has nothing but kind words for the pair. I'm not buying it, I've never drank the kool-aid and I never will.

NO Deal, NO Way, NO Bama

Anonymous said...

I am another PUMA supporter and will NOT VOTE OBAMA. I also have at least 5 friends who feel the same.
I left the Democratic Party for good on 5/31/2008 when they showed that they cared more about people who did not go to the polls than ones who did and actaully gave Michigan delegates to Obama even though they were not his.

Patricia said...

Anonymous...I couldn't agree more with all that you said..It just makes me sick how the Democratic Party and the media has treated Hillary and Bill...they should be ashamed of themselves....I will never accept Obama and for him to say.."get over it" ain't gonna happen...I know that Hillary wants "party unity"...but...I can't give it..not to some "smooth talker" who in my opinion is still "wet behind the ears" and half the time doesn't know what he's talking about...he's way tooooooooooo cocky to suit me...what angers me the most is...everyone knows that Hillary is the best candidate to become President...not him...he isn't President material...and, for his wife to think that she's another Jackie Kennedy...she had better think twice..she can't hold a candle to her! I feel that this should be taken to the Convention....
Those "kind words" of Obama towards the Clinton's is only a "butter them up"...People will vote for whomever they feel is the "right" one...he best not count his chickens before they hatch!!
YOU GO HILLARY....I'm a "PROUD" New Yorker and am fortunate to have you as my Senator!!

Anonymous said...

August 26, 2008
Re: Please Stand With The Democrat Party

To Whom It May Concern:
First and foremost, I believe it is very important for me to inform that I am a registered voter and have not missed casting my vote for the past 25 years. Secondly, I was not an avid supporter of Barack Obama and his team nor was I immediately in favor of casting a vote for Mrs. Clinton. However, because I, like most Americans are tired of living in such a financial strain that the republicans have imposed on this Nation, I am joining the majority of Democrats and standing behind Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden. At this point, I see there is no other viable choice.

Just because I have such repugnance for Mr. McCain, I see no reason to cut off my foot in spite of my face and give him and his cronies the opportunity to continue their violation on this Nation. Again, I was not neither an Obama or a Clinton supporter, but since there is not a better selection, I have no other choice but to rally behind the Democratic nominee.

Question: Do you dislike our Nation so much that you would cast your vote for someone who does not have this Nations priorities in mind? Why would you do it to yourself or better yet, why would you do it to our Nation? …Why would you not seek what is best for the future of our Nation? We need you to put aside your ego's and join the party.

My prediction is - or just an assumption - that if Mrs. Clinton does not do everything in her power to show her support for the Democratic party and Obama/Biden lose come November, I do not believe she would ever have a chance in the next election. I believe she and ALL of her faithful supporters need to show some unity and not continue the drama.

I personally believe it is awesome that you and your constituents feel so strongly in your convictions. However, I believe there comes a time when you have to realize when it is time to throw in the towel and realize if the war is worse than the battle itself.

For the sake of the Democratic Party, I can only ask that you put your ego's aside and stand with Barack Obama and Joe Biden. CORRECTION: Please stand with the majority of the Democratic Party.

With much concern, I appreciate your time and attention.