Monday, June 9, 2008

Hillary Supporters Are Angry & Not Voting For Obama

Hillary supporters are angry and the DNC is starting to worry. Check out this CNN Article (Link)

Here are some Hillary supports in the media

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Cory said...

All I know is that Hillary ran a stellar campaign. She did herself proud. I would like nothing better than for her to be president. I was so angry when things fell apart, but she gave an awesome speech Saturday. She has asked us to work with her to put a democrat in the White House. She didn’t issue a command, she just asked her faithful followers to help. I’d rather vote for Hillary, but I’ll follow her lead, and support Obama.

Rob said...


You got it right. "She didn’t issue a command, she just asked her faithful followers to help. I’d rather vote for Hillary, but I’ll follow her lead, and support Obama."

That is exactly it. Support whomever the Democratic nominee is.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! I'm voting for Obama all the way! Hillary lost it's time to move on

Alex Garcia said...

That's great that you are voting for Obama, as you can see many of us aren't. Good luck winning with out us.

Jane Heffelfinger said...

Hey, there are five whole months between now and the election. Lots can happen in five whole months.

And a whole lot more can happen if/when he becomes the official elected nominee for POTUS.

Write in Hillary if she's not on the ballot already!!!

Jane Heffelfinger said...

One other thing -

Those of us who've been in battle day in and day out need to rest for a bit before we attempt to support anything - unless, of course, it's to continue the original battle!!!

Anonymous said...

I am doing what Jane said, write Hillary's name on the ballot. I don't believe in Obama at all, and I really don't believe in his "change". And the DNC is corrupt, they were since the very beginning.

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact Hillary lost and was treated extremely unfairly and had Obama been treated the way she was the public would have cried out "racism" and they would have been heard, but when "sexism" was cried out, it was brushed off and laughed about but these wounds are real and they do run deep.
Now can the wounds be healed with a few simple words and just throw my support toward Obama? not sure. First there has to be an acknowledgement of what occured and I am doubtful that it may be enough.
Because it is pretty clear and it may only seem like a dream but some dreams do come true and the dream that remains is that Hillary should be and will be President.
This can happen one of two ways, if she is put on the ticket as VP she can be thrust into the white house, and run for office when Obama finishes his terms or we can vote McCain in and let her run against him in 2012?
Obama's next move may help decide how it happens.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a Hillary Supporter all the way. But also, I am a realist. Putting her name on the ballot may win her votes of course, but not enough to win the white house, with barack running. The best thing would be to hope that he asks her to be his running mate. She did the best she could and now its time to move on to the future. McCain CANNOT win! We must put our full support behind Obama, and hope for the best. Tahnk you

Freethinker said...

DON'T vote for McCain or Obama. Write Hillary in! The DNC did to Hillary what the Republicans did to Gore in 2000. I refuse to let a political party strong arm me, and tell me what to do. There's a reason the DNC wants Obama in the white house...He's inexperienced and they can lead him around by the nose to serve their own speical interests (The same way Bush is lead around by his nose). It's time for the people to stand up. Politics is NOT a team sport; it's about the people and what the people want is Hillary!

Jane Heffelfinger said...

B. Gutsch said...

I'm writing Hillary in because I refuse to be bullied by our corrupt 2-party system. I also feel like the DNC and the corporate media wronged us so badly by squeezing Hillary out, that I cannot forgive them. Just remember that McCain used to be more toward the center before he started running for president. I won't vote for him, but I would be doing an even more immoral act in my opinion if I voted for Obama. So bring on President McCain! The DNC did it again!

Castleriggpekes said...

I saw Howard Dean this morning on CNBC. He said that Obama and the Democrats want to take the economy back to the Clinton years when the economy was good. why then did they install Obama as the nominee and ignore the 18 mil. people who voted for Hillary. If you want to go back to the Clinton years, put a Clinton in the White House. What's wrong with these people?

As I say, the Democrats are too dumb to be given the White House.

If not Hillary, then McCain...

Sketer said...

I do not understand how some of you can vote for Obama when Hillary supporters have been fighting against him for over a year now. I will NEVER vote for Obama because he did nothing but trash Hillary in the primary. I also am ashamed the way the DNC and it's head Howard Dean has conducted themselves. The DNC is becoming a joke. How many elections do we have to lose by the stupid rules when we won the popular vote. Obama even took his name off of the Michigan ballot. That is just un-American. And by the way has anyone seen his birth certificate? And why are the white Hillary supporters getting the racist rap when the blacks are the ones voting by race. Can you answer that Donna Brazille? Didn't thing so! GO McCain! Hillary 2012

Lemon said...

Hillary Clinton, a woman I esteem and admire, has conceded her bid for the White House. She will not be the nominee of the Democratic Party nor will she run as an independent (she is more loyal to the party and understands what is necessary now; a Democratic White House.) Writing her name in is a waste of a vote and isn't at all what she herself asked happen. Though I have no doubt about how appreciative Senator Clinton is of her supporters loyalty I doubt very strongly she would appreciate any of them voting for John McCain.

Were Barack Obama to have lost the Democratic nomination I would have pledged my support to Hillary Clinton. As a democrat who has studied their platforms in detail I can discern no difference between them that makes one the savior of man kind and the other the anti-Christ as it seems some supposed Hillary Clinton supporters are doing. I'm not an Obama-ista. I am, however, a democrat and I know better than to say foolish things like "Vote McCain" since my nominee didn't win the nomination.

Hillary Clinton is a hard working, honest, loyal patriot for whom we can all be proud and for whom we should all be thankful. She has made it considerably easier for a woman to run for President in the future and has been instrumental in the education of the American people on just how their electoral system works this election cycle. Be proud of that and end, as she has asked, this cycle of acerbic infighting.

palie said...

America Just laid down and stopped fighting when George W, his staff and powerful supporters Maneuvered the election in 2000. And look what we ended up getting. The short of it a huge mess. Obama was selected and not elected. The D.N.C. put up every road block in front Hillary. And continue to do so.
They are the traitors to this country and the party. By not running a fair fight.They maneuvered this election the same as George W's people in 2000. When will we say enough is enough.
We have lost or courage. Our commitment to what is right and good for all and not just some. Americans are becoming a bunch of lemmings. We blindly follow where we are told to go.
Its time America, for us to stand and fight, to uphold what so many others in our past have fought and died for. Imagine if the founders of the country just laid down when treated so unjustly by England. We would all be British citizens. But they stood up and they fought, against all odds against the most powerful country in the world and won!!! They would be ashamed of us the cowards that we are.
I say its time to stop being cowards and stand and fight anyway we can. No more calm, no more polite, no more lemmings, Hillary is the Best choice for America. Find your courage and stand for what is right. Don't just lay down again. and settle for what the rich and powerful are will to give. We outnumber them, we are the ones with all the power. We are Americans we are proud and noble and courageous. And its high time we started acting like it again.

Never give up never surrender. Hillary 2008

Anonymous said...

Will folks , Do what you want , But I will not vote for obama . just going to stay home don't trust him. And hillary was treated terrible by all and the media was the worse . So srew them. You know I wonder who is relly pushing obama there is something funny going on here I don't trust our goverment .

Billy said...

This is insane. If you really believed in the ideals Hillary was for, then you could not vote for Mccain period. Obama and Hillary basically had the same platform, the delagtes chose who could WIN in November. We must sway moderate republicans to win. Hillary is hated with a passion by the republicans, she could not have won.

Hillary LOST, lets be adults, stop pouting, and move on.She was not unjustly picked on. Politics is a tough business. She was lambasted as EVERY politician is, and to her credit she stood up to it. If Mccain wins it will be the fault of this group. Your reproductive rights will be chipped away, and civil rights of all kinds will be eroded as well.
If thats what you want, go ahead and vote for Mccain.