Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Draft Hillary Movement Is In Full Effect

All kinds of groups are starting to pop up in support of Hillary.

DraftHillary is the latest in these groups

"Draft Hillary. That's what we're here for, to make Hillary our President." (drafthillary)

ClintonDems is another group which is asking Hillary to run as an Independent

"I realize that asking you to run on an independent ticket is a truly difficult request, but I believe in my heart that you will become the next President of the United States, if you choose this route. I also understand that if you choose this route and do not win in November, that this monumental decision could very well be the end of your political career. This is indeed a very tough decision, however, whatever decision you make, I want you to know that I am behind you 100%." (clintondems)

We here at the HillaryGrassrootsCampaign fully support Hillary. Hillary got about 18 million votes, that is 18 million voters that would like to see her become our President.

If Obama was smart he would put Hillary on the Ticket

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dcrc9596 said...

Okay, here it is people. THe U.S. COnstitution was founded on the ideals of freedom and of democracy. Hobbes' Leviathan calls not for a right to rebel from the government that no longer works, as our nation is now not listening to its people, but there is a DUTY to rebel against an oppressive government! The people will not always sit and be ignored! If enough votes are cast aside for the powerful to continue to ignore those voices of the people there will be a revolution against the status quo. A depression is forming as we speak, all societies are only three meals from revolution. Congress and the Democratic National Party better take note. We have spoken for HIllary as our chosen leader, our voices were ignored and Bush got to be president for 8 years, how long will people allow a system to oppress and destroy the rights that our people die for? We are at war claiming to the world that democracy is the best government, but we do not practice what we preach! Hillary is our choice and when we are ignored we insight other nations to attack us, because we are seen as too weak to control our own government! Our voices must be heard before it is too late.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
--Benjamin Franklin

Anonymous said...

Give it up. You people are bitter and should move on to help the Democrat party win the White House in November.

Anonymous said...

I agree with dcrc9596 and to heck with the other one! Honey, listen to me. You don't have to give up. When it comes to voting in November, do a write-in. They can't stop you from doing it. DROP IT and run as an INDEPENDENT!!!! Look at how many votes that you had coming to you. That's not including how many how yet to vote.

Also, Obama hasn't got a pray in his campaign. He is a first time Senator, Islamic, no political strategy, and an all around threat to AMERICA! If things don't go his way, he screams racism!

Another thing, he's not a leader. He let's others do the work for him. He waits for his pastor to screw up and flow with it. He uses Oprah & other celebrities to gain public favor. In today's society, folks are more worried about material and movie lives, they wouldn't know wholesome living if it jumped up and bit them on the butt.

So I say ditch the party, go independent! If you can be profitable in a bad year... more power to you. I may be only 24, but I'm not stupid. I don't vote for you because we're both women. I vote for you because I know that you are THE person to lead our country. I still support you Hillary:)

Anonymous said...


if you are going to post here,at least have the courage to post your name. Bitter? Your damned right and without Hillary's supporters, your guy LOSES! So wise up or get lost pal!

Hillary 08

Dave101 said...

More Democrats cast their vote for Hillary and people are calling for her to give it up!

Why should any of us 18 million who voted for Hillaly NOW vote for Obama?

NHo way, let the Obama people put him in the White house with their votes and contributions.

They want Obama's change let them now get it.

marcus said...

Hillary and Bill Clinton owe NOTHING to the DNC after the treatment dished out to them

Hillary would make the DNC eat you know what if she ran as an Independent.

he would be #1!

Valerie said...

If you want to post then post with a name!!!NOT Anonymous.!!!

I was thinking the same thing!! I wish we could do something to get her in Office.We need her to fix America,and I agree that The Clinton's OWE none of the DNC or the media a thing.I have never been so ASHAMED of our news channels!!!!!!!!! What they think is this is a good Story,but we don't care about their fairy tales!!! We want and expect the Facts from you,not your evil jokes,that are hurtful, not funny.......I will not be watching you any more......

Quoting Shane32801


if you are going to post here,at least have the courage to post your name. Bitter? Your damned right and without Hillary's supporters, your guy LOSES! So wise up or get lost pal!

marilyn said...

I agree, please post your name so Hillary can honestly know who is for her and get rid of the creeps...If you are afraid to...then please go play with your tinker toys and allow the rest of us to stand with her.
She has had a tough week. They are knocking her in the meida with one
bat, and the other hand they are saying she needs to get behind Obama
so he can win in November...Hey folks, can't have it both ways.
She has went with out sleep and
not much rest and she is tired...
She needs to make some decisions
here..Pray for her..let her make
up her mind to make the right decision. This will be the hardest thing she has ever done..There is not much time left!!! What ever she does, I know her voters will
stand behind her, and pick up more.
Go Hillary...we are with you !!!!

Sue Igoe said...

I am proud to stand with other supporters who feel as strongly as I do. I say HIllary...give it all you got..I'm with you..go have my total support...

JG said...

You say you want a revolution? You bet. Count me in. There's no way the DNC deserves to win a rigged primary contest like this one. Now, Hillary's voters are being trashed by the DNC and pro-Obama media like Hillary used to get trashed every day. It doesn't feel good, does it? Let's join together and take back this country at the polls!

I just bought new "Back Hillary for Anything She Wants" items (a shirt and mug) on the Web. Cool. They're at

I hope Hillary knows about this. We need to get organized before we draw her into this. The media, DNC and Obama's whiney henchmen beat up on her too much if she tries to lead us for now.

Go Hillary!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Hill Lovers.
I am torn, well, because I cannot cast a vote for a man I do not believe in. Hillary, You are wise, Think Ahead Long Term! I will write in your name if it's not already on the ballot. Sadly if you do not win, you will go on being wonderful, active, smart YOU. In NY & everywhere.
I say, be patient, for you are young; you are only "old" in your wisdom and maturity of spirit.. Again, in the future, HILLARY for PRES.
Liz/Ohio (D)

Christina said...

I'm so relieved and happy to have this group! You have all made me feel so much better, like I'm not alone in this. I love all of your posts and I'm proud to be a part of this campaign.
Hillary, please take care of yourself, I stand behind you 100%, no matter what you do! (But my first choice is run Independent and my second choice is make it possible for us to write you in!)
I have always loved the Clintons, no matter what. I have always stood behind and beside them. If the Dems insist on treating my Clintons like crap, I'm out of their party. I'll go to Peace and Freedom or Green.

Anonymous said...

Barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen cooking up diplomacy as Obama's VP? No thanks!!

Time for HRC to shatter the glass ceiling that says a woman can only rise so high in America, all the way to the SECOND highest office, but not the HIGHEST?

No thanks!!!!

Obama needs Hillary, but Hillary does NOT need Obama!!

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by far left extremists who want a radical makeover of our society.

Time to reject them, their candidates (Obama and Rhino McCain), and everything they stand for.

Clinton-Liberman - the WINNING independent ticket for the White House in 08!!

let's get it done!

Leslie said...

Hillary alliance! We may have to stay united for months! First, we have to get Hillary as VP, at least. We still may have Hillary as President at the convention. Obama seems freaked out by the decision-making required to the "presumptive nominee." His post-"nomination" bump in the polls, 3-6%, is HALF the bump percentage of ALL previous DNC and RNC nominees in modern times, except Bob Dole. Lord knows what else about Obama has yet to be vetted.
Hillary's alliance seems to be holding fast, except one poll today said Hispanics are shifting to Obama. We'll see. That's very soft support.
The best products I've seen anywhere for Hillary are brand new, post-UNdemocratic primary items at
Be there or be square. Sorry, decided to go retro. Let's stay together and back Hillary and keep the movement permanently together!
Kelly Katz

Anonymous said...

The lesson here for ALL of us is to be careful where you comment. Some nut on this site was saying how the unDemocratic party in the 2008 primary violated the US Constitution and they people can revolt (like idealistically, I had assumed). That sounded right so I didn't read all of her blog before I commented. When I didn't read the rest of that blog, I commented. "You say you want a revolution? Count me in!" Then, belatedly, I saw that blogger wanted a violent overthrow of the government. What a nut and it looked like I was agreeing! Yikes! Be careful what blogs you say you agree with! Read them in full! JG