Wednesday, July 2, 2008


REMINDER ~ JUST SAY NO DEAL is live on the air !!

This Wednesday night, July 2nd, at 7pm EST, please join Julie Johnson as she hosts Cynthia Ruccia of “Women for Fair Politics”!

Again, please be aware of the technical glitch at Regardless of what the site may tell you, the show will begin at 7pm EST, Wednesday, July 2nd.

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Anonymous said...

Just So No Deal radio is a great idea, but what we need most is exposure in the mainstream media so others outside of our own group can learn about our movement. BUT, when we do get media coverage, whoever the spokesperson is who represents the group needs to be polished, professional and have their talking points down. Otherwise, you run the risk of alientating people who might otherwise be interested in what's going on. So far, the spokespeople I've seen on MSM coverage have a long way to go in getting their public presentation down.

Anonymous said...

Hey, has anyone read in the NY Times that Obama is now "refining" his Iraq troop withdrawal timeline. Wow, just this week alone he embraced Bush's faith based initiative programs (actually promised to EXPAND them) and now he wiggling out of his original Iraq stance. What a character he is.

Anonymous said...

Just Say No needs to respond to the obvious pandering of the DNC in its appointment of Convention chairs yesterday. Do threy think we are idiots? Certainly the sight of Nancy Pelosi will not do much to move me. But selecting this cadre of females is proof that the DNC under-estimates the offensiveness of many of its actions. go to this web address for yesterday's announcement:

seasonedcook said...

I believe they need a better way of getting the story out there also...
It has been confusing..The news media is not going to give an inch for this Just Say No Deal...
What I do not understand why is it that Obama has control over the situation at the convention when he is not the official nominee yet...He is having his name only on the 1st ballot...Hillary is not allowed on until the second ballot...And also cutting short the convention time, shows his arrogance..I have never in my life time seen one person take over the Democratic party and the nation as much as Obama has. Nancy and all of the rest of them have bellied up to him...My Pied Piper theory is
coming to past. WE all want a king, and it looks like we have our self on already...but not if Puma
has anything to do with it...or
18 million women if they stick together...