Sunday, July 13, 2008

How Hillary Can Still Be The Nominee

Here is an article from Newsvine.
The movement is called PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) and they state accurately that Clinton never ended her campaign, but that she just suspended it. PUMA members believe that Obama is just not the right candidate for the Democrats and that Clinton is. There is also a coalition of 80 groups,, that is on a mission to get Clinton in office. What has set these Democrats off? Well, Obama's change in position on the Iraq war, campaign finance reform, his new support for the death penalty, his sudden embrace of Bush's faith-based initiatives, his support for a ban on late-term abortions, his pro-Israel speech to APAC, his support of NAFTA, and his recent vote in favor of FISA . Oh, and he also voted on a senate bill to keep oil companies rich. According to the press, Democrats are increasingly more disappointed at the young Senator of Illinois who once represented "change."(click here to read the rest)
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Anonymous said...

Huh? His "pro Israel speech"? What about that? My impression is that his speech came into question and if it was "pro Israel" on the surface, that's not what pissed people off? What in the world are you talking about? I'm an active PUMA, but this bit of info seems off base.


Lauren M said...

I would love for her to be President.... but she gives no indication that she would fight for the position.

I look at her website all the time, hoping she would update or give some understanding to her intensions....... if the opportunity for her to run should become available.

I think she has reconsidered and she just wants to get on with her life. They would blame her for every bad thing that would happen to this country (and I feel they would continuously set her up to fail..... sabotaging her all the way to prove their point).

No one in the DNC has honored her for all the work she has done up until now...... why become a scapegoat for this ungrateful group of greedy morons?

Maybe letting Obama ruin us just a little bit more, may be the answer. When people see how horrible things get, with this imposter in place..... maybe then they will beg Hillary to run in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Lauren, I agree that Senator Clinton seems to be moving on with her life and I sometimes wonder if we're all spinning around trying to take action when she has let the whole thing go. On the other hand, I think it would be completely impossible to really know what she's thinking given that she is very famous, a very savy politician, and is in the midst of a real firestorm within the Democratic party. And, whatever she's got cooking strategically, I highly doubt she would make it public on her web site or through any other such means. All we can do is do what we feel is right and see how it all unfolds.


PS Sometimes I think the problems we're facing are so huge that no matter who becomes President, they're doomed to fail because there's no way they'll improve things enough in 4 short years. So then I think, why should it be her who fails. Let someone else fail and let her step in 4 years later. But, there are so many variables and so many things we cannot know. For me, Obama scares me to death on national security. And without that, all the rest is moot. So in that sense I think I have to ensure we get someone in the White House who I at least trust won't get us all killed.

vrajavala said...
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vrajavala said...

I think Hillary is just letting barry show his true colors. The Honeymoon is over.
Here is my prediction of Hillary's comeback 7/27/08

seasonedcook said...

I agree with most of you..Do what we can and let it unfold...she is not going to come out and say she is still running...that is unrealistic..
For me, there is to many groups for
Hillary, and nothing is getting done..How can they?? They are not banding together..I got on a sight, where I was to go to a meeting, and as yet, there has been no meeting
time, or place...You can't ask people to join up, and not follow through on anything...Nothing will get off of the ground if there is only one or two....Obama is not
our kind of person...If he is nominated at the convention, I will
not support him...Nor will I McCain....I will sit this one out,
and wait 4 more years....if I am still around I will wait on Hillary. You young ones, you need
to look at your convictions and stand on them strong...Start groups in your home town...Write to your
congress and senate..After a while
you will see the fruits of your work...Don't ever give in, or give up on what you truly believe in...
That is the American Way....
God Bless all of you !

Lauren M said...

Anna, thank you.... your right. She would show her hand, until the game was over. I am going to Denver, because I believe in miracles..... and most of all, I believe in Hillary.

I respect what ever she decides to do and I will continue to help pay off her debt. I hope that if she has no debt, she will be more likely to jump on the opportunity.... if it should become a possibility.

Obama also scares me.... I would never vote for him. He never gave me any reason to believe in him. He never showed me his ability to be a trust worthy person. His entire campaign is based on possibilities and not realities. He is being supported by people that are dirtier than he is and that's really scary.

Being groomed by the worst..... to become the best, give me a break.

Lauren M said...

OOOOPs, I mean wouldn't show her hand :-)

I get so frustrated, no telling what I'll type next LOL

Patricia said...

I would love nothing more than to see "changes" happen at the Democratic Convention...And....I could not agree more with all of you here...WE all know who the candidate should be...Hillary...everything that has happened to her throughout this whole thing has been so unfair...from the DNC...Obama...his supporters and the media..throw in Howard Dean..Nancy Pelosi...if you think things are in bad shape with the current adminstration..just let Obama win in scares me...I don't trust him...he has managed to sway people to him with his "smooth talking ways"...he promised "changes"..wellllllllll..I'd like to know what those "changes" are...and, he's only using Hillary and Bill to get into that White House...neither one of them should help her...why should they??? He has been nasty to them...I really believe that people aren't as gung-ho on Obama as they were....I feel that Hillary just might have something up her sleeve.....we'll just need to see what transpires next month at the Convention....

Anonymous said...

The ones that sound dishearted need to join
they give us a mission everyday to do....join them and you will see...i love them all but we are doing.We emailed all the we call someone..etc....

Anonymous said...

vrajavala said...
I think Hillary is just letting barry show his true colors. The Honeymoon is over.
Here is my prediction of Hillary's comeback 7/27/08
vrajavala...i have listen to this 2 time hun...I don't understand what you are say...can you make another video and explain to use dumbies

Anonymous said...

jlweSeasonedcook, I know it feels frustrating and there are a lot of groups out there. Some are more focused than others. I highly recommend PUMApac and The Denver Group as examples of two groups that are quite organized and have many focused actions. Each group has a different style and you may need to shop around to find the one that feels right for you. And remember that they're all run by volunteers, so sometimes it's a bit slow going. But it's not all unfocused and there are planned actions happening.

Don't despair. You sound like a wise woman. You don't have to be affiliated with any grassroots org to take action. Start with your elected officials who are Democrats and contact them regarding your views. If they're super delegates, all the better. If they support Clinton, thank them and tell them you're counting on them to vote for her at the convention. If they support Obama, share your perspective and let them know, if you're so inclined, that you will not be voting for them in the next election cycle because of their support for Obama. Politicians really feel it when they will lose votes and/or money.


IanChicago said...

I like how Senator Obama reads a speech every time he has a problem (Copied ones at that) -- that will not help him in a real world crisis.