Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hillary votes against FISA while Obama votes for it

I am so damn proud of Hillary. I can't tell you how happy I am.

Dear Obama supporters, if you are reading this, it is not to late. Hillary can still be our President!

News from the blogosphere
"This is too good. Having once promised to filibuster any FISA bill with telecom lawsuit protection that reached the Senate Floor, Barack Obama today voted in favor of the compromise FISA bill pushed by President Bush. The left-wing base of the party is beside itself, as expected, but there is another interesting wrinkle to this story.

Hillary voted no.Captain Ed raises the delicious question: is she setting herself up for a netroots push at the convention? Please let it be so! (from Jim-Rose)"

"Okay. The Obama folks won’t like the reaction that Obama’s hypocritical vote on telecom immunity will spawn. My prediction is that this will spawn a movement to put Hillary back on the ticket. Don’t think so? If you don’t think so you are underestimating the damage that Obama has done to his shiny new brand for “change.” This is not change it is just doing the same thing as the rest of the gutless and complicit Democratic leadership. Read the following article if you underestimate the damage that this vote has done to the country and perhaps Obama’s campaign. And my Obama friends, if you think “hypocritical” is too strong a word, read the actual record of the statements that our hero has made.
Glenn Greenwald -

From Countdown Last Night

Obama is really no better then Bush. We don't have to vote for the lesser of the two evils, we can still elect Hillary Clinton.

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Anonymous said...

The Dems have become pitiful and Obama is becoming more of a sham every day. Will Bower has it right when he says that you can't even compare Obama to McCain since it's impossible to know where Obama stands on anything. Get the word out about FISA. It's a huge issue and could be an moment for our movement to attract new support.

Anonymous said...

How come Mrs. Clinton does not support this organization?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bay area Northern Calif. Hillary supporters. This is your meetup group working hard to ensure a HUGE turnout from our state in Denver.

Anonymous said...

what the hell is fisa?

Anonymous said...

To poster #4, I'm no expert, so don't quote me, but, in brief, FISA is a bill that allows our government, with the aid of telecommunications companies (who, by the way and through no coincidence, are huge political donors and lobbyists) to secretly listen in on phone conversations that ANY ONE OF US HAVE AT ANY TIME, ANY TIME THEY WISH TO. It's in direct conflict to the 4th amendment (individual's right to privacy). They rationalize that it is needed because it is a necessary tool in their quest to hunt down terrorists. (I say, if you want to hunt down terrorists, start with some of Obama's chums!). So, while pretty much all politicians and citizens agree that tracking terrorists and potential terrorist acitivies is very important, there's a fine line (some call it the Constitution!) to walk so that you don't start violating the law. At least that's the basics of what I understand. I'm sure if you google FISA you'll come up with more hits than you'll know what to do with!

Anonymous said...

To add to the FISA description, another reason that Senator Clinton does not support this law is because it specificically grants RETROACTIVE immunity to all of these telecom companies that have already allowed it despite the 4th Ammendment by expanding the power of the office of the president and saying that its ok that they allow it as long as the president says so. I can assure you, however, that this immunity is to protect the president more than it is the telcoms. GW Bush is basically trying to get retroactive immunity immediately passed to grant HIMSELF immunity for directly giving an order to commit 30+ FELONY acts.

Senator Clinton does not believe in politicians being above the law and this crucial piece of the pie is a BIG part of why she also does not support it on top of the act being a violation of the 4th Ammendment and our civil rights.

Patricia said...

To "poster 1"...I agree with you that Obama has been a "sham" since "day 1"...many got caught up in him with his "smooth talk"...but, after listening to him...I soon discoverd it...and, knew from that point on...that he does not have the "experience" that Hillary Rodham Clinton has...I'm a proud New Yorker and highly PROUD of Hillary for all that she has done for us...especially in the fact that she has helped my family in two different situations...This whole campaign/primary season was a disaster....the abuse that she took from the media...DNC...Obama himself and his supporters...he should be ashamed of himself...Hillary is only good enough for him when he needs her help to secure the White House...wellllllllllllll...she should let him go it alone...let him fall flat on his face..because...if you think we have problems now...he gets voted into that White House come November...things will only get worse....enough words have been's time for...A-C-T-I-O-N!!! LET the Convention decide.....hopefully...with the "mistakes" that Obama has already made will be proof enough to pick HILLARY as the Democratic candidate!!

Jane Heffelfinger said...







LoveAmerica said...

Hillary shows her leadership once again trying to save this Great America. Voting no on FISA. She is still trying to protect us Americans within the 4th Amendment.

Delegates you still have a chance to make History by nominating the only clear candidate America needs right now and that is Hillary Clinton.

We will see who has the courage to put their principles before their party.