Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PUMA Radio tonight July 16 @ 8pm Est.

--Tonight, Wednesday, July 16th, at 8pm EST !!

Hello, PUMAs!

The special guests keep rolling in !!

Tonight, at 8pm EST, please join Sheri Tag and me for EPISODE EIGHT of “No We Won’t” P.U.M.A. Radio as we host Sista Christian Louboutin of “Hire Heels”:

Sista will be telling us about Hire Heels, about Just Say NO DEAL, and about her part in the fight to ensure that Hillary's name is PLACED INTO NOMINATION at Convention!!

As always, please be aware of the technical glitch at Regardless of what the site may tell you, the show will begin at 8pm EST tonight.

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sincerelywantoknow said...

Could someone please tell me how to get this radio broadcast. I am a dumb dumb. Is it on the computer? what do I do to get to it if it is a website. Please someone post a link I can just click on. Thanks

HiLLGAL2008 said...

Type this is in your address bar. For instance, if you use the long white space at the top of the yahoo page, most likely it will say,
put your arrow/cursor on the last item in that white space, ie the / and hit backspace until you have removed the yahoo address, then type in and so on...I'd write down all the address that I posted for you...sometimes you need to put all of it in the address bar and sometimes you don't...the blog talk radio should come up and a list of shows will show, you themn just double click on the show you want to hear...Now all of this assumes you have a sound card..and can listen to other things as well.
Hope this helps...and no it isn't's just not clear..if you don't do it all the time..:)