Sunday, July 27, 2008

McCain backer won't be Democratic delegate

Debra Bartoshevich of Wisconsin was pledged to Hillary Rodham Clinton, then said she'd vote for the Republican over Obama.
From the Associated Press
July 26, 2008

MADISON, WIS. -- Wisconsin Democrats on Friday ousted a delegate to the party's national convention for saying she would vote for Republican John McCain for president in November.

The Wisconsin party's administrative committee voted 23-0 to strip Debra Bartoshevich of her status as a delegate to the Denver convention next month.

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Anonymous said...

what happened to Democracy?


UNFORTUNATELY, 23 or 25 members unanimously supported the decision to strip Debra of her delegate status which is definitely alarming as the handwriting is now on the wall.

You all going to Denver need to wear your best armour, as they are waiting for you guys and gals and have prepared to not allow you to make a dent in their selected nominee's rockstar event.

The force seems to be with DEANO! at the moment.
Where is Chewbaca and Hansolo when you need them?

I am praying for all of you going to Denver that you bring a force to be wreckoned with. Go Get them
Pumma's,Just Say No Deal, etc etc etc.Denver group,

Anonymous said...

this is frightening! i agree with the first comment, where is democracy? she said she could be won over, but, as usual osama has done NOTHING to win us over! of course that would require work for the "messisiah" and it would not be handed to him. i just loathe him! and like pumawhisker said, this is a clear picture of what us real democrats are up against in denver. nobody is going to be allowed to say or do anything to make the convention look like the divided, weak, pathetic, joke that it is. we have to pray & fight!

Anonymous said...

This is not the party I joined. Silencing differences of opinion? Eliminating those who disagree? Glossing over gaffes of the anointed one?

Do Barack Hussein Obama and Howard Dean think this is how the Republicans will treat them on 8/29? I heard a talking head the McLaughlin Group say people will start to call him "Barack Hussein Obama" and that will cause people to think he's a Muslim causing racism and religious intolerence. THAT'S HIS NAME! WHAT SHOULD WE CALL HIM?

It truly troubles me that the DNC dimwits can't wrap their fragile gray matter around these facts. The Republicans will SHRED him. Their 527's will line up in glee and shred him. From flip flopping on choice to gun-control to the death penalty to campaign finance, the Golden Boy has given them MORE than enough to work with and we still have weeks to go.

Barack Hussein Obama actually chuckled at Tom Brokaw when asked about David Brooks' analysis of the world tour. He said there were probably 9 positive "reviews" to the one negative one. A "review?" As if this was a movie? Does this clown think the 9-day junket was a rehearsal? And he got most of the lines right?

I am a delegate and I would be honored to scream a loud "I abstain" if Hillary's name is not on the ballot and in nomination. I will proudly tell anyone who will listen I am doing so because the DNC and the idiots who have anointed their Golden Boy saw fit to try to silence Debra Bartoshevich.

I will NEVER vote for Barack Obama. Not if they call him Barry or Hussein. Not in August or in November.

KDelphi5950 said...

I FINALLY got logged in!Is anyone else having trouble with local DNC--they wont return calls and left a message saying to "go vote for McCain or join PUMA"!! I'm going to cal Sen. Brown (Ohio) on Mon., if I get out of the drs. on time--this is unreal. I also cannot log into DemocracyNow, DNC, etc...O swear I did not curse --I may have angered someone at truthdig--SO WHAT?! This is so fascist! My sis in Va. is getting similar treatment--plus I got a vitrus even thought I have a very strong scan-but an old pc. If anyone is having trouble, let me know--WindowsLiveCare free scan removes it or quarantines it. Maybe I'm poaranoid?? I hope so...

Beth said...

I applaud Bartoshevich's convictions, but I don't know what she or anyone here expected. She's openly stated - to the press - that she is now supporting the REPUBLICAN candidate for President.

Why should she have a voice at the DEMOCRATIC National Convention?

KDelphi5950 said...

Same/same--why should Obama be the nominee when most of his voters were Independents or people who had never voted before?? He quoted Nixon, Reagan, (who was HORRIBLE For Liberals and minorities)and few Dems. How about Carter, Clinton (oh, that right, hes a racist--NOT!),he could put Edwards on the ticket. Liberals are thrown under teh bus again. Th woman who was a delegate--she was not a liberal--but here is one thing I disagree with some liberals about--absolute free speech! They're just askjig for confrontation at teh convention.

beth said...

considering how many Republicans are running around bragging that they voted for Hillary in the primaries - on their own or as part of "Operation Chaos" - I don't think I'd want to bring up the validity of the votes cast for Obama.

We may not like the rules, but if the rules say independents are allowed to vote, those votes are legitimate. We can't cry about it after it works to our disadvantage.

If Debra B is unwilling to support a Party's nominee, she has no business voting at that Party's convention. Voicing support for Hillary or other Democratic candidates is one thing, supporting the GOP's candidate is another.

KDelphi5950 said...

Beth, I'm afraid I dont believe you--when all teh Obamaniacs were screaming that Superdelegates shoudl NOT make the decision (and the media followed suit), all the Dems chimed in. Then, the Superdelegates decided Obama at that joke of a hearing--OH! It was fine then! But, I have to ask --why are you here?? Do you think you will change someones mind?? If you watn to help win people over (??) talk to the4 DNC about allowing freedom of speech at a CONVENTION--look it up--its whereyou NOMINATE a candidate! Go to

KDelphi5950 said...

GO Obamanistas!! There's a million websites waiting for you!! (It's about all yu guys do, isnt it?? Think you canchange the world online??lol)GO to DNC and tell them to stop alienating the base of the Dem Party! If you think Hillary votes werwe Op. Chaos--how long have yu been Dem,., anyway? Never? Flooding a CAUCUS with shipped-in college kids who dont have the balls to really change things (might get dirty)is hardly better tham Op. Chaos...what do yu listen to Limbaugh alot or just cable new? Maureen Dowd? Roy Secuf? GOOD! Go there--they will wait while yu come--they sure have no where else to go

beth said...

Am I reading correctly?

Did you just yell about "Freedom of Speech" and then say people who don't agree with you to post elsewhere?

Par for the course.

(why are you so upset by posts that don't agree with yours? Are you afraid they WILL change someone's mind?)

Bartoshevich has not lost her free speech rights. she can support and voice support (and opposition) for whoever she wants. But she doesn't have the right to force the DNC to let her voice support for a Republican and sit at their convention.

If they'd bounced her for saying she was still going to support Hillary, she'd have a legitimate grievance. But she's come out in support of THE OTHER PARTY'S NOMINEE. She doesn't have a right to do that.

I just wish they'd bounce Leiberman's behind while they were at it.

beth said...

Sorry, I meant to say "she doesn't have the right to do that at the Democractic National Convention"

KDelphi5950 said...

Actually, I'm not sure I think that she DOES have a right to support McCain at teh Convention--well, she dioes, but people won't like it--SO?? I'm just so goddamn tired of people like you insulting me and other people wh supoprted other than Obama that I keep TRYING to support him and then you guys just WONT STOP!! You are NOT helping him! Do you think yu are? What is your purpose?? OK! You support Obama! You should feel really great to be part of the sheep herd! Nearly everyone agrees with you, so why do you seek out where peopel dont?? Surely not to convince anyone--WHY???I did NOT know she was suporting McCain until earlier--I'm just SO tired of being harranged by you guys that I just cant do it anymore! I'm sick to fuckin' dedath of being ignored and insulted gy the Dem Party--and HOW do i stop this reply thing before it fills my entire email box??

beth said...

Where did I insult you?

You, on the other hand, have accused me of a) lying and b) listening to Limbaugh and his ilk.

Bartoshevich started talking tot he press a month ago about her support for John McCain, and has allowed them to publicize her support. And if that's what she wants to do she has every right to do so.

But she shouldn't expect the Democrats to let her vote at their convention if she's joined the other team.

(as for the notification, I have no idea how the setting work, but you might try emailing the admins at

KDelphi said...

I would disagree--I think she has a right to go to the Convention and vote for whomever she pleases. It's not going to change who the nominee would be....when you say things like "Afraid people will be won over...?" I find it insulting. Also, "We cant cry when it doesnt...". I'm NOT afraid of Obama--I'm BORED with Obama. And I'm angry with the DNC and DLC. If you dont agree with them totally, you have no party (unless you can support McCain, which I cant). Conventions in the past have often been racous with different opinions, nominees, etc. I think they were better than annointing Obama early (media esp.) and the DNC (Brazille, Secoff, Dowd, Obama supporters)letting everyone know how "stupid", "white trash" and "second place in the Beauty Contest waiting for nude photo opos" (Yes! It's on YouTube, I think)everyone who supported Edwards and /or Hillary were/are. For people that dont understand why some are angry--go to NOW--Media Awards. If you're not angry, I dont understand yu as a woman.I also cant figure out how to unsubscribe to thsi particular site w/out unsubscribing to entire site--but I'm just hearing from you, now, bet, so its OK.Peace, OK?

beth said...

"And I'm angry with the DNC and DLC. If you dont agree with them totally, you have no party ...Conventions in the past have often been racous with different opinions, nominees, etc."

YOu don't have to agree with them totally. Lots of loud, ardent Hillary supporters are still going to the convention, in fact one of them submitted the motion to un-seat DB.

You just can't go around saying you're going to vote Republican, and let the GOP use you in their campaigns.

And yeah, I"m still livid about the way Hillary was treated during the campaign, and I'm disgusted by how her supporters were/are treated and talked about. But I'm not willing to get down in that gutter and use the same tactics.

And seriously, email the admins about turning off those notifications - they probably can't do it for you, but might know how you can do it yourself.

KDelphi said...

I'm OK with just getting a few posts in my email box--it was just filling up when everyone was posting ans I have a very ol dpc and small HD and to oittle RAM (trying to install more--need to buy ink onsale to print the instruc. to install the discount RAM to----its ridiculous--I am BROKE!)It souns like, beth , you and i are in more agreement than what I thought--I had hjust been told by my party (usually, excep when I voted Socialit)of about 30 yrs. that "my help would not be needed this year", even as to Rep Jane Mitakides (we hope) vs. Rep, Mike Turner--I wanted to help with her campaign.I did niot have a "thing" abut it beinga woman-it wouldve been great! It was the disrespect. I was originaly an Edwards supporter. Thenk the DNC [people lapping up the media stuff about "poor whites" and "ignorant" and "uneducated" ( Ihave an MS--Cum Laude, as a matter of fact! Wilming ton College for BA--where Sen,. Brown's wife Cheryl just got an honorary degree! I'm proud!)I do feel, however, that the delegate has a right to back whomever she wants at the convention--people used to do stuff like that, and it worked out--well, sortve--"cept 68--OK. But, the Dems survived--but dissed liberals ONCE AGAIN! I'm very liberal, but [poor--and teh Dem Party seem sto have no use for that anymore--Nader cant win, nor McKinney. I was really looking forward to Dubya leaving--I left my new party (SP-USA) to try to defeat him! I was gonna party Puffy! Now, I feel angry and hurt.