Friday, July 25, 2008

Foreign Policy Flip Flops, Fake Interviews & the Media's Obama Love Fest...

…Why You Deserve the Truth about the “Messiah’s” Magical World Tour

Big shot media anchors, a fawning, hand-picked press corps and an arsenal of “fake interviews” can’t stop Barack Obama from piling up mistakes on his tour of the Middle East. “Obama is running around meeting with world leaders negotiating foreign policy as if he’s president,” said Cristi Adkins, founder of the grassroots political group Clintons4Mccain. “Obama’s behavior is wrong and dangerous.”

“Obama is making up his script as he goes,” continued Adkins. “As a sitting senator, he has no authority to agree to an Iraqi timetable for withdrawal or commit sending troops to Afghanistan. His actions are unacceptable and he’s jeopardizing our country’s safety.”

Political pundit David Gergen agrees that Obama made a mistake this week when the senator released a statement outlining details of his discussion with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
"We have a long tradition in this country that we only have one president at a time,” Gergen said in an interview with CNN. “He's the commander in chief and the negotiator in chief. I cannot remember a campaign which a rival seeking the presidency has been in a position negotiating a war that's under way with another party outside the country. I think he leaves himself open to the charge … that he's meddling, that this is not his role, that he can be the critic, but he's not the negotiator."

In addition to Obama’s foreign policy gaffes, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell also criticized the senator for conducting fake press interviews during this week’s Mideast tour.

"Let me say something about the message management,” Mitchell said on the air. “He didn't have reporters with him, he didn't have a press pool, he didn't do a press conference," either in Afghanistan or Iraq. Instead Obama manufactured "what some would call 'fake interviews,' because they are not interviews from a journalist."

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Anonymous said...

Don't know whether to scream or cry. But, I do know we all must keep taking action every day in some way, be it letter-writing, donating to The Denver Group or helping PUMApac with funds for buses to Denver. Something. Anything. This meglomaniac must be stopped and the convention is only a month away. It's now or never, folks!


vrajavala said...

he should be prosecuted under the Logan Act

Anonymous said...

I like Greta (Fox News) very much because she has not reported about Mr. NOBAMA's world tour yet (at least when I have time to watch TV). I hope "we" the real "Hillary Grassroots" and those who are still "independent" can help defeat Mr. NOBAMA. God help us!!

Patricia said...

When is this madness going to stop...something has to happen next month at the Convention...WE have to work not let him win in November...I can't believe the things that he is doing..he could be jeopardizing all of us...he's trying to "act" like a President but he is counting his chickens before they hatch...AMERICA had better wake up or we will be "stuck" with him....

Anonymous said...

Listening to Obama talking overseas was like listening to Bush. Whenever Bush discusses anything of substance, he always sounds like he just got briefed 5 minutes prior as to what to say, what it means, and how to pronoucne the words. Obama sounded like he got a mini history lesson prior to each speech and was just trying to get it all out before he forgot his lines. Pitiful. This man simply cannot be our next President. Let's all keep working and taking action every single day to make sure that doesn't happen.


Anonymous said...

Here is an EXCELLENT website to obtain ammunition for our war on Obama:
The Obama File

Written by a retired widely respected college professor, it covers Obama from his African ancestors to the present with daily updates. ("Latest News" box at bottom of page.)
Easy to read and research. (research box)
Information is backed up with links to Obama's books, speeches, news articles and matters of record.
This is the ULTIMATE research file.