Monday, July 14, 2008



Thank you to Hillary Grassroots Campaign subscribers, JUST SAY NO DEAL coalition, PUMA and Paula Abeles for a wonderful $20.08 donation drive to help retire Hillary's debt! We have put a SIGNIFICANT DENT in her debt and have made a loud and impressive pronouncement to Hillary and the DNC of the continued loyalty and love for our lady, Hillary!

The Denver Group released it's first ad in the Chicago Tribune demanding an Open Convention and Hillary's right to be on the ballot as "nominee" The Huffington Post is experiencing record breaking blogging in response to this and our rapid responders made a presence! Thanks PUMA!

The continued success of blog radio! This is one of the most empowering additions to the coalition as this has created a media outlet for Hillary Supporters

~ we now have 3 radio blogs


PUMA PAC you rocked it with your blast emails to the delegates of Texas...If they doubted we were out here before, they sure has hell don't now! Keep it up!

Congratulations to Paula and Marilu on the formation of Real Democrats for Real People!

8 Super Delegates expressed that they would vote for Hillary now, if they are given the opportunity, come the convention!

We continue to make a media presence and are truly passionate and that is what people respond to, passion! Let's keep it up!

Finally, to find out how you can make a difference for Hillary, please go to and check out our action list.

And don't forget to send us your photo !!!

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Anonymous said...

We have a very finite amount of time to act. Take action every day, even if it's something small and quick, like sending a donation, or sending one or two letters to your local officials or to newspapers. PUMApac makes action easy by organizing and drafting letters that reduce the amount of time you need to spend. There are so many grassroots orgs and our momentum is growing by the day. Let's keep it going all the way to Denver.


Lauren M said...

I would love for her to be President.... but she gives no indication that she would fight for the position.

I look at her website all the time, hoping she would update or give some understanding to her intensions....... if the opportunity for her to run should become available.

I think she has reconsidered and she just wants to get on with her life. They would blame her for every bad thing that would happen to this country (and I feel they would continuously set her up to fail..... sabotaging her all the way to prove their point).

No one in the DNC has honored her for all the work she has done up until now...... why become a scapegoat for this ungrateful group of greedy morons?

Maybe letting Obama ruin us just a little bit more, may be the answer. When people see how horrible things get, with this imposter in place..... maybe then they will beg Hillary to run in 2012!

PS I plan on going to Denver and I WILL CONTINUE TO BELIEVE IN MIRACLES :-)

Anonymous said...

I keep reading about these infamous 8 SD's who have switched to Clinton but have read nothing about it in the press, nor read who they are or any corroborating evidence that this is true. Got any more info on it that legitimizes it?

Pumawhisper said...

I think it best to keep it secret and I think there are more than 8 Super delegates ready to change positions. Obama moles can make it tough on certain delegates (their jobs and family) so they must be careful. Best to spring at the last minute and Obama can't do anything about it.
(no I am not a delegate) Just have a second sense that this could be the case.