Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Protest Howard Dean on his Bus Tour

From FoxNews

Dean’s travel plans include:

– A drive from Crawford to Austin on Thursday.

– Stops Friday in New Orleans and the Mississippi cities of Hattiesburg and Jackson.

– Visits to the Louisiana cities of Shreveport and Baton Rouge on Saturday.

– On July 25, three stops are planned in North Carolina — Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte.

– July 26 takes him to Georgia for visits to Savannah, Macon and Atlanta.

– In August, the bus is scheduled to make stops in Midwest swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana before it heads to Denver for the Democrat National Convention, which opens Aug. 25.

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crymeariver said...

I hope someone puts up a video of the protest of this as well.
Thanks you people who do this. Someone has to stand up for country over party.

seasonedcook said...

I don't understand why he is taking a bus tour through the country..That is taking money from the DNC and here while back said there was not much in the treasury and wanting donations...
Is this why he sent out notice for donations, to send Dean on a trip at our expense...No I am not sending any money to the DNC and No I am not voting for Obama...I wish I could go to the convention...My husband said I would end up in jail..Granny is in Jail would make the headlines...I am sick of the
way this country has become so gullible to Obama. If an old black woman like me can see through him, why can't others...They say seniors are senile and need protecting...
Heck people, I am is the
country that needs protecting from
the people like Obama and his henchmen....The media is like a love sick teenager slobbering over a would be mate..They have to be on every minute with spots of Obama...
Obama is a head of McCain, but the way the media explains it, Obama is losing to McCain..Well, all of us
Hillary people would love that news
especially before the convention...
and speaking of the is going to be so hyped up, you will be more sick of politics then ever..Cris Matthews will more then likely begin calling Obama Mr. President..and shaking in his knees...I can see it all now...
Madam Speaker, Mr. Dean, Ms.Donna,
I present to you the president of the United States...and I am Cris Matthews, I approved all messages before they reached the audience...

A very sad woman from OHIO