Friday, July 18, 2008

Hillary Video created by a Reader

Here is an email I received in an email.

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Anonymous said...

Great music!!!! Great text at the beginning, especially the way they timed it with the music! The zoom effect became dizzying (and predictable) and I couldn't watch it all the way through because of it.


stelliet said...

I was sooooo moved by this great video. We must keep protesting the injustice done to Hillary.If we want the US to continue to be a great Democracy we can't quit now.
Hillary is truly the elected candidate not Obama!!!!

HiLLGAL2008 said...

Awesome video. Very moving. Senator Clinton should be so proud of her supporters who will never quit and will always....JUST SAY NO DEAL The DNC has to make this right.If not they will lose in November.Senator is the nominee of our choice, she is the most qualified and the most electable. And we aren't accepting a VP handout. It's Senator Clinton or McCain for our president.

Anonymous said...

Hillary TRULY inspires people! And she would be great for this Country. It is such a shame that in a FREE DEMOCRATIC society, we are FORCED to accept what just a hand picked "group" of people have decided. The saddest thing about this and WE MUST REMEMBER! WE voted them into their offices! This IS the worst Congress we have EVER had and they continuously BLAME everything on BUSH! NO! Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Brazille and others have the GUTS to admit when you are wrong! Instead, WE the PEOPLE must deal with their power hungry horrible decisions. As we watch OUR Country in the hands of a community organizer?? We must ALL STAND AGAINST THIS! I loved the Video, it was her in true style.

ASolis said...

Great video, inspirational and heart warming. Wish she could see it too. I as determined as ever. Go Hillary. NOBAMA!