Tuesday, July 15, 2008

S.F. ACTION ALERT! Protest Donna Brazile Tomorrow

From Clintondems
Well, well, look who is coming to San Francisco. Donna Brazile is coming to San Francisco for a fundraiser for the “Obama Victory Fund” July 15th from 12 noon to 1:30 PM at The Palace Hotel, (2 New Montgomery, downtown San Francisco and just off Montgomery BART Station).
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Lauren M said...

Shame on her..... that's all I can say, just another opportunist.

Jane Heffelfinger said...

That woman gets on my FINAL nerve, her arrogance cuts underneath my fingernails.

HiLLGAL2008 said...

She is such a phoney. She started out during the Democratic race, acting like she was unbiased and the more she was on tv, the more you could tell she was against Senator Clinton...She should be ashamed of herself. Voting for someone based solely on his color...Phoney Brazile.When I first saw her on tv I thought she was well on her way to the top of politics..no more. She is Black first, then a politician second and then a woman? I am not sure where these people were for the last forty years, but, it was my impression that The President of The United States needed to at least have experience doing something other than being half black and half white..apparantly I was wrong. I could understand if she had supported someone like Colin Powell...but, this is suppose to be a President for ALL AMERICANS...not just Black Americans..and this election isn't that way. This is a racially divisive election and will probably hurt the Civil Rights Movement more than anything else ever has..it's a shame that this isn't someone like MArtin Luther King...It's an election of Blacks supporting a man with NO experience and carries a lot of racist negative baggage and happens to be part black and part white..and so they have people like Jesse Jackson and Brazile and his core which is said to be Black Americans following behind him just because he is black and they have no clue what he is about, only what he tells them when he is in front of them..He is using them, hoping his racial screams will get him elected...but, he is not anywhere close to the calibur of Martin Luther King or Kennedy..or Senator Clinton... and what is so sad is he is hurting the Black Americans and it doesn't matter to him, he will use whomever he has to, to get what he and Oprah want...
Brazile is joke..he is nothing more than a politician like the others, Dean, Kerry and the other good old boys and she is just bowing down to them... Shame on you Brazile,I understand anyone wanting what will help their people, but, isn't that suppose to be black or white or yellow or red...all people...and following someone who knows less about Iraq, Health Care, Jewish people or the economy, or alternatives to oil...and who talks down to his core, the black community,with the same exact words that Oprah has spoken, placing blame on fathers, when both of them are wealthy and do not walk in the shoes of either the black community nor the poor white community..

Anonymous said...

Has anybody heard whether this "protest" got any media coverage and/or how it went, in general?


seasonedcook said...

Hillgal, I agree with everything you said...I am an old black lady, and
what you said about Donna is right on
the money..She not only gets to vote a super delegate, she is one of the main people sitting on the DNC..She has a strong voice in the party. Most of the DNC are black people like myself .You don't see that on the Republican side...
Donna has always stood by Hillary. Donna is a turn coat. She changed her opinion several times before the Hillary stopped her campaigning. She knows that Bill and Hillary have been good for the blacks, and to turn her back on them is a disgrace. The DNC has changed it's tune and and for me
it is the same old song the Republicans have been singing for years..Hillary didn't have a chance winning the nomination because the
DNC would not have allowed her to win after Obama got going in the race...they tested it before they dove in with all fours..Now if it had been Collin Powell running, I would have a hard time choosing a candidate, Hillary or Collin..
A pair, those to would be hard to beat...I saw Collin Powell from a far once..and he struck me as being a very honest and sincere man. What Bush did to him was shameful...I have been a life time democrat..That is the only party that has ever done anything for the common man...But the DNC under the guise of Obama will change sorry to say....

pumawhisper said...

I agree with seasonedcook and hillgal2008 and all posters, shame on Brazille.

I wish the first black President would be someone like Colin Powell, Juan Williams, Kenneth Steele?republican, or many other black intelligent leaders that know how to lead and deserve to lead. Obama just is an empty black suit and this country is doomed under his leadership. It isn't about race, it is about experience, capabilities, intelligence and know how. The Clintons did a lot for Black Americans and hope there are more like seasonedcook out there that will support her if we get too.

I too would like to know more about the protest in San Francisco.