Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama Caught Up In Scandal

It's all over the blogosphere: At an Obama fundraiser Bernie Mac did a comedy routine filled with crude language, and extremely sexist jokes. The attendees who paid as much as 2,300 to attend the event which featured Obama and Bernie Mac were upset and yelled for Mac to leave the stage. When Obama finally hit the stage all he said to Bernie Mac was "This is a family affair. By the way, I'm just messing with you, man."

Wow this guy is just clueless. Obama's not making any friends with women. Read the coverage below.

OBAMA ROCKED BY SCANDAL: Is Presidential Bid Over? — I know we're not supposed to directly quote AP stories without paying them serious cash, but this story is so important and has such major ramifications for this election — which will of course decide the leader of the free world …(noquarter)

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Anonymous said...

One can only hope this cummulative effect of blunders has some impact. It's hard to know, though, given the adoration that Obama garnered despite it being public knowledge that he had affiliations with hate mongers, criminals and terrorists, had no experience, had a poor voting record, and so forth. I keep wondering just how much it will take to finally tip the scales. And, knowing that human beings don't readily give up a stance to take a new one. Just doesn't seem to be how we're hard wired. So, even if there are SD's who are wondering if they've made a mistake, psychologically, I wonder what it would take for them to actually, publically, make the shift to Hillary. It seems to be human nature to dig in and rationalize or get defensive before we stand up and say, "I was wrong. I'm changing my mind." But, we've all got a month to help those SD's along, so let's keep working and help them over to the other side!


Patricia said...

I couldn't agree with you more Anna...I think the "blunders" are catching up with Obama...People need to wake up or we are stuck with "Mr. Mistake" for four verrrrrrrrrrrrrry long years...He scares me....I don't trust him or his "smooth talking ways"....we need to "unite" and get Hillary into that White House!!!