Monday, July 21, 2008

Updates from Ricki Lieberman

Obama Donor Base Shrivels, Campaign Blows $35 Million, Obama Bloggers Reporting False Numbers

This morning the papers were overloaded with positive stories proclaiming that Barack Obama was back on his A-Game and raising money like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately the MSM once again failed to look at the actual numbers that should be of concern for the Obama campaign.

It is true that the Obama campaign did raise $52 million in June, along with DNC fundraising that added another $22 million to their coffers. That's a total haul of $74 million for the Democrat party in the month of June. But Obama, whose campaign has been so proud to taught his 1.5 million donors during the months of February, March & April, changed it's tone in yesterday's campaign release. In yesterday's release, David Plouffe stated, "Hundreds of thousands of ordinary people contributed...". Naturally, I pulled out the calculator only to grin at the reality that Obama, while raising a record $52 million, saw his donor base cut in half in June. That's right, just 764,000 donors compared to the 1.5 million who donated to his campaign in April.

The Obama campaign and it's surrogates had proudly projected that Obama would raise $100 million in June and a total of $250 - $300 million prior to the election. But the media failed to focus on the fact that Obama's total was only half of what they projected, primarily due to his shrinking donor base. Interest in the Obama campaign is also shriveling up online, where Obama's website which once ranked near the top 500 according to Alexa Web Tracking, has seen a consistent downward trend in visits since reaching it's pinnacle in early March. Today, Obama's website ranking has dropped to it's lowest level since the first of the year, and ranks around 3,000. The campaign website trend may also be disturbing considering the consistency within McCain's site visits and an upward trend since the beginning of June.

More disturbing for the campaign is the the cash on hand scenario. The McCain campaign and RNC currently have just shy of $100 million in the bank to take their fight forward. Meanwhile the Obama campaign announced yesterday that the campaign and DNC had a total closer to $72 million. This number is troubling for many in the Obama campaign, considering that just one month ago the two groups reported over $35 million of cash on hand. Considering that the DNC and Obama campaign raised $74 Million in June and that the DNC only spent $2 million; that would mean that the Obama campaign burned thru $35 million during the month of June. An astonishing amount considering that the Summer months are typically the doldrums of the campaign season. Even more disconcerting are the polls that continue to show the Obama has failed to increase his support, with his favorability ratings dropping and unfavorable rising...

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vrajavala said...

If you check out the Black community blogosphere, (Public Enemy) you will see that they are saying Nobama and yes to Cynthia McKinney, the Green party candidate.
the Democratic Party needs to notice this if they want to win this election. they need a stronger more credible candidate, like Hillary. Listen to this Brother Brother saying No Obama

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