Friday, July 11, 2008

Reason #347 Why Obama Can't Be Our Nominee: Obama Contemplating Republican For VP

According to the press(CNN Article), Obama is considering Republican Chuck Hagel for VP. This guy is seriously tearing down the Democratic Party from the inside. He votes like a Republican and now he wants a Republican as VP.

Delegates if your reading what ever is left of the Democratic Party and vote for Hillary in August. This trainwreck can still be stopped.

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Anonymous said...

Loved this entire post: the photo, the headline and the text (though it is more cause for being disconcerted, to say the least, but I'm getting used to that state of being!). Where did you read this bit of startling info about Obama considering a Republican?!* Geez. I'd love to read more about it (I think...).


Rockin Robin said...

that's insane. Obama is off his rocker that he would stoop so low to get our votes.

I hope he continues with this radical display of leadership.

Wake up Howard Dean

HiLLGAL2008 said...

Why does his eradic behavior surprise anyone. He's been acting strange since day one...Remember, he was going to sit down with the crazy that just tested nuclear missles..then after he became the "presumtive nominee" he said, he meant he would be willing to think about it...

Anonymous said...

Hey I have an idea..... why doesn't Hillary run with McCain and everything will balance out. We can have a war hero with a real Presidential candidate ...... instead of....... well never mind, that would lower me to his level.

seasonedcook said...

If this story is true...obama is
not only the wrong person for the job, he has lost his mind...Chuck
is a trouble maker and has caused the democratic party problems.I don't know why he pretends to be a democrat when he is a republican...Republicans love him...It would be nice if she could run with McCain, but at the same time it is nice if we could just write her name in...but that is not going to happen...
her delegates, and she has the right to stay in until the last
ballot is cast at the convention...
His ego head is not thinking clearly that she almost won, and has that right...Now for Mr. Ego
head, some of these kids out here
are changing their minds..So if each and every one of you that knows a Obama fan, let them know that he is not honest about who should be the nominee...He is being very dishonest about how he is going to run this country....
So let's run the Pied Piper off of the ticket and get HIllary's debt
paid folks..Then she has a chance
at standing up at the convention
and saying I am the nominee for ]president of the U S.....

Anonymous said...

Let's do all we can to make sure this empty suit doesn't become our next President. Write to the DNC. Write to Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi. Write to superdelegates. And, since politicians really feel it when they think they're threatened by losing votes and/or losing money needed for their campaigns, write to your Congressional Rep, your Senators and your Governor regarding your feelings. If they support Hillary, I'm sure they'd appreciate the thanks and, if they're super delegates, the encouragement and expectation that they will vote for her at the convention. And if they're supporting Obama, let them know that because of that, you won't be voting for them in the next election cycle. (I've taken it a step further and also informed them that not only won't I be voting for them, but that I would be working hard for their opposing candidate to ensure they don't get reelected.)

Anybody here planning to go do Denver?


seasonedcook said...

Anonymous, love your post!
You are correct, money talks, and
they all have it, and are greedy for more...Begin with Nancy and all of them should be throwed out on their heels...I was reading an article today about McCaskill voting for
Obama because her 18 year old daughter talked her into it, when the rest of the women in the Senate asked her to back Clinton..An 18 year old!!!! If she can't think clearly for herself, she does not deserve to be in the Senate herself...This country has went to the dogs..ooops...I love dogs..sorry dogs, that is being pure mean..This country was founded by our founding fathers, who had wisdom, courage and stood up for what they believed in...Yes, they was wrong in many ways, but at least they had convictions and stood by them...this country today does not have any...We have given up our rights to the Media, and bad
schools in this country. We do not
salute the flag anymore...Who says..??? Well..our leading democrat that is running for president did not salute the flag, so does that tell you anything...
No morals...or convections...
We use to stand with pride in school because we believed in our
president and who ran our country...
Not any today, some do not even know what state they live in..Or how many states are in the Union...And we wonder how we got

Anonymous said...

SeasonedCook - Apparently it's not just kids who don't know basic facts like how many states there are in the union. Let's not forget Obama's reference to "57 states". That was priceless!


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway that we can get this man out of the white house legally.
Obama is a disgrace since he lied about his pastor's relationship.
Kid's this isn't american idol.
He is such a flip flopper and an empty suit, it's embarrassing to the American people.

Anonymous said...

This is a short synopsis of how my community feels about Senator Obama. We are so sick and tired of not having our voices heard. So here goes……..

Obama, the new guy in town, is a con, a Chicago politician: Obama lacks high morals and will stop at nothing to further his ambition. He’s a fast talker, speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

He bragged about his church. He would never leave the “black” community.
Then threw them under the bus

Bragged about his pastor. He could never leave Reverend Wright, he’s like an old uncle.
Then threw him under the bus

Bragged about his grandmother then called her a “typical white person”
She then went under the bus.

He wrote a book about his father but now that he has been found to be a “non practicing” Muslim
He threw his dad under the bus. Definitely had to disown him.

His Chicago supporters consist of anti Semitics, racists, anti Americans, criminals and far left liberals.
Farrakhan, Rezko, Ayers and Father Pflaeger are all under the bus too

When it comes to Obama’s associates he has figured out that all he has to do, is either denounce or reject them and then it’s okay. Sometimes he just doesn’t discuss them at all.

He had a coworker that was a domestic terrorist, William Ayer. Obama laughed about it when asked about his involvement.

Barack Hussein Obama knows Chicago politics. He will do anything and destroy anyone to win this election.

When the heat is on, he avoids debates, changes his mind, defends his thinking with speeches and runs from the press.

Obama will speak few words without a script. He is poor, at best, in debates and he knows that an open speech might divulge his true character.

The icing on the cake was to change his mind on public financing.
Barack Obama has worked on the issue of political reform for years.
On Larry King in Jan. 2007, he told Mr. King that the public-financing system works.

He challenged the Republicans since Feb 2007 to limit their spending. He vowed to do so along with them if he were the Democratic nominee. In fact, a majority of his career was spent talking about how much he believed in public financing.

He speaks so calmly to avoid any disagreements .Obama only thinks of himself.
I have to be President", Who cares about fairness?

Obama’s ambition is to win, cheat and lie if he has to. This is democracy?

Senator Obama will say whatever he has to in order to convince the public and the Democratic Party that he’s the nominee of “change”, a uniter, a man of the future. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A naïve politician? We think not.

al said...

Here is what the Democratic National Convention Committee's own website says regarding pledged votes:

"Pledged delegates are not bound to vote for the candidate they are pledged to at the Convention or on the first ballot. A pledged delegate goes to the Convention with a signed pledge of support for a particular presidential candidate.

At the Convention, while it is assumed that delegates will cast their votes for the candidate they are publicly pledged to, it is not required.

Under the Delegate Selection Rules, a delegate is asked to 'in good conscience reflect the sentiments of those who elected them.' T

his provision is designed in part to make the Convention a deliberative body."

If pledged Obama delegates no longer feel that he "reflects the sentiments of those that elected them," then delegates not only have the right but the obligation to switch their votes.

Another day, another flip-flop
Shall we count the ways?*
• Gun-ownership.
• Death penalty.
• Federal-funding of the campaign.
• No Moslems in the same photos as Obama.
• "Responsible, GRADUAL, withdrawal from Iraq" (exact quote from Obama from the speech at Unity, NH, making his Iraq stance pretty much the same as John McCain's)
• Special interests; donations from lobbyists
•The Cuba embargo
•Illegal immigration
•Decriminalization of marijuana
•Single-payer healthcare
•Rev. Wright
•Jerusalem as capital
•Meeting with foreign leaders
•Iran and terrorism
•Palestinian elections
•North Korea
•Patriot Act
•Nuclear power
•The Surge
•Welfare reform
•Gay marriage
•faith-based programs (George W.'s favorite "to hell with separation of church and state" initiative).

Obama adopts The Nixon Strategy
Richard Nixon famously said: When you are seeking the nomination for president of the Republican Party, you run to the far right; once you've secured the nomination, you run to right of center during the election campaign; once you've won the presidency, you govern from the center.

Barack Obama has embraced The Nixon Strategy lock, stock and barrel, adapting its mirror-opposite to the Left.

He suckered the hard-working base of the party -- the Left-wing -- into voting for him during the primaries by appealing to the issues dearest to their hearts.

These are the very people responsible for getting him to where he is today! Yet once Obama felt he secured the nomination, he has tripped over himself running to the center (some would argue the center-right).

Oh, Barack, we thought we knew ye!
How wrong we were.

But Obama made a mistake; he started his move rightwards before securing the nomination.

And what he didn't realize was that...
What the Left giveth, the Left can taketh away!

Enough is enough! A message must be sent to all politicians that you cannot say one thing to get our support and then, once secured, say quite another.

A said...

Al could you get me links to media links that talk about each flip flop, I would love to post this as a resource on the blog.

al said...

57 states was not a slip up. He's coding to the 57 states of Islam.
check out IOC's web site.
57 states of Islam is mentioned numerous times.

vrajavala said...

I have predicted Hillary's comeback astrologically check out the video

Anonymous said...

Well, as long as folks are posting some loooooong posts, here's mine for today. It's a draft of talking points that I keep adding to. I refer to it when I write letters.


Obama has scant experience for this most awesome job of POTUS. Clinton has 35 years of outstanding public service.

Obama claims to be an outsider, as if that in and of itself is something necessary or good. Being an “insider” or an “outsider” is not the point. The President of the United States needs to be deserving of the job and able do the job in an excellent fashion. In any case, despite his “outsider” claims, he has surrounded himself with Washington insiders who serve as his advisors. Clinton makes no hype about insider our outsider, she just gets the job done, and beautifully.

Obama touts being a candidate of change. Change in and of itself is neither good nor bad. In addition, any party trying to win the White House when the opposing party has been in office always claims change. Clinton has not been seduced by empty claims. Instead, she runs on her merits.

Obama has no history of being a so-called “uniter”. Quite the opposite. His voting record as a state senator and in Congress reveals a pattern of digging in or not voting. He does not find common ground in order to get legislation passed. Clinton has an impressive Congressional track record: reaching across the aisle to get things done which is unifying without having to label it as such, and standing her ground on issues when needed.

Obama, to put it politely, flip flops as is politically convenient. To put it more bluntly, he lies. The list of examples is long, and growing longer by the day. In 1996 he went back on his word to Alice Palmer. More recently, after winning his Senate seat he said he would not run for President, noting his lack of experience. Most recently, after coming out in favor of public campaign financing, he has rejected it. Then there’s FISA, abortion, and troop withdrawal from Iraq, not to mention embracing Bush’s faith-based initiative, even promising to expand it. Clinton, on the other hand, has made her platform clear and stuck by it.

Obama obscures the truth, minimizes relationships, and blatantly lies as is politically convenient. He either claims innocence or minimizes relationships with questionable characters. He publicly stated that he was unaware of Wright making the kinds of comments and rants that we all came to be aware of, despite having sat in the pews of his church for 20 years and embracing Wright as a mentor and father figure. When asked recently about his relationship with Rashid Khalidi, he brushed it off as one simply based on the coincidence of them both teaching at Columbia and having children who attend the same school, when in truth, he and Khalidi have scratched each others backs in mutually beneficial ways over the years. He claimed innocence about Tony Rezko while receiving large sums of money to support his campaigns and became entangled with him personally over his home and land purchase. Meanwhile, Clinton does not have a trail of convicted criminals and terrorists in her wake.

Obama has a history of developing relationships with individuals who express through their words and actions profoundly anti-American sentiments, including Bill Ayers, a terrorist who built bombs that killed fellow Americans and who, to this day, remains unrepentant. Clinton has no such folks among her group of friends and supporters.

Obama routinely expresses a confused understanding of history, including his own personal history, noting that he is the product of the march on Selma, despite the fact that he was born four years prior to the march. Clinton appears to have a solid grasp of history, including her own personal history that includes her birth date.

Obama appears to feel he is above the fray and undeserving of scrutiny, despite applying for the job of the highest office in the country. He routinely scolds the press when they asked him a question, stating that an issue has already been addressed, noting that he cannot be questioned on certain things (such as patriotism), or claiming that rumors abound on the internet and when the press ask about something they give further credibility to the rumors. Clinton has dealt with the press in a strong and dignified manner, even going so far as to sit down with journalists who were critical of her after which they more often than note come around to realizing how very warm and smart she is.

Obama is willing to sit down with leaders of enemy nations. Clinton has made it abundantly clear that we do not do that.

Obama was embraced by the press who were unable to remain objective in doing their job, with members of the press corps stating they have to work hard to resist drinking the cool aid. Clinton was reviled by the press at every turn, as the media dished out one insult after another, minimized her, objectified her, dismissed her, and disrespected her despite her gifts, talents, wisdom and experience.

Obama was selected by the DNC early on in the primary season. They did this despite Hillary Clinton winning key Democratic states, many by significant margins, being far outspent by Obama, and bucking a biased media. And, they did this by back room deals regarding Florida and Michigan. And they did this by tripping over themselves so as not to appear in the least bit racist, but apparently misogyny was perfectly acceptable. Clinton, meanwhile, persevered as great leaders do, even in the face of being unfairly cast aside by the DNC.

In sum, Obama hasn’t got the experience. He associates himself with terrorists, hate-mongers, and criminals. He lies to the press and the public. He flip-flops on positions. He has no record of getting anything done while in public office. He has a dangerously naïve view of national security. And, if all of that wasn’t enough, he didn’t win the popular vote. He was anointed by the press and the DNC. Oh, and, uh, uh, by the way, um, not so good without a teleprompter.

How much lower can we set the bar?