Friday, July 18, 2008

Is The Huffington Post THE New White Trash Blogspot?

"Is The Huffington Post is THE New White Trash Blogspot"
Cristi Adkins

In the not so distant past, the Huffington Post was just an ordinary political blog with a fair amount of readers who at one time were considered intelligent audience. Now, it would seem The Huffington Post has taken a wee bit different approach to journalism: Attract Pure White Trash.

Why, The Huffington Post was at one time so respected as a news outlet that its brilliance of endorsing the Patriotic Candidate Du Jour Barack Hussein Obama was broadcast on the well-respected and oh so news trustworthy 'The Colbert Report.' How much more credibility for 'trusted news' does one really need?

Well, now the Huffington Post has outdone even the dirtiest of Old Chicago Style has attacked a respectable fundraiser, an activist and a die-hard Democrat by day, Clinton supporter by heart, Ricki Lieberman. Yes, they have hit below the belt by viciously attacking Ricki and what's worse, publicizing her home address, phone number and personal email.

It seems as though we have gotten to the point of an elementary school behavior of slugs. We now see people lashing out with derogatory comments instead of intelligent dialog.

Since this heated democratic selection season surfaced, a wicked spell has been cast where emotions run unchecked, and logic has been thrown out the window.

In that regard, our parent's generation used to talk about "throwing the baby out with the bathwater." Of course, Obama knows about casting babies aside, as shown by his bizarre opposition to the Illinois version of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Agh, but I too digress...

When we see a supposed professional journalist, albeit an online blog journalist, writing with such a poisonous pen, one must ask, "are we as a society dropping to the level or wallowing in the mud like a bunch of wild hogs in the wilderness? Are we trying to prove our position by being bigger than someone else instead of acting like intelligent human beings?"

Is it impossible for us to act like decent human beings, have a reasonable dialog, and show the rest of the world that we are not uncivilized barbarians as some have already done by their words and actions?

Well, only time, comments and e-mails will tell. Until then, the Huffington Post will continue to post insanely. For now, my best suggestion is to steer clear of the Huffington Post lest you be contributing to the pure white trash dialogue.

Cristi Adkins, RN

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brenda said...

is arianna huffington (whatever her name is) even american? if so, when did she become one? she doesn't sound like she was born and raised in this country. so, who the hell is she to be having such a say in amercian politics? go back where you came from huffinton. trash.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't waste time on Huffpost.

The task at hand is to defeat Obama. If Democrats in PA and OH can be turned against him, he's in deep trouble.

He's also in trouble if the convention goes badly or is marred by protests. Turn that convention into the American version of Tiananmen Square!

Anonymous said...

Cant be bothered with Huff, besides they blocked me at my first pro-Hillary post. The scoundrels!

Anonymous said...

I too was blocked from posting on the huffington post. We should however thank the post for publishing the arrogant "clinging to their guns and religion comment".

Anonymous said...

I agree that if Mr. Obama will not get support from folks in PA and OH, he will be defeated. I really hope we can do that. Although Mr. Obamma is great in giving speeches (if they are prepared speeches), I just cannot see his ability to lead this great country.

Cyndi said...

Why does anyone take Arianna or her blog seriously, how did she ever gain credibility? Her personal and political ilfe is a joke. After some serial bed-hopping she bagged oil millionaire, Michael Huffinton, a conservative whose right wing causes she happily embraced in her efforts to get him elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. A voracious, power-hungry social climber, she then, by all accounts, pushed her husband run against Dianne Feinstein in the Senate. Luckily, for Michael, he lost and was able to divest himself of Arianna and openly admit to bi-sexuality in return for providing her with all the money she has today. After courting conservatives and trying to unseat one of California's most successful and productive Senators, Arianna then had the gall to say she was running for governor because of her love for California. Her race for office, which included positions 180 degrees different from her past "beliefs," imploded when it was discovered that she lives the life of a millionaire in an 8000 sq foot mansion in Brentwood yet pays no individual state taxes and only a pittance in federal taxes. Her only charitable contributions then were to a private school in Beverly Hills and a non-traditional church that once ordained her. And, the final nail in her political coffin was the discovery that her PR man also worked for tobacco companies.