Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Cries From The Left

Here is a good article about the left and Obama
"Greedily, they drained the kegs once full of sweet Obama Kool-Aid, drained them to the dregs and mopped up the remains with stale crusts. The inevitable happened—the pain that comes as everything finally becomes clear, in the rosy-fingered light of a terrible dawn.

Obama used them to crush the Clintons, but now the left is finally realizing it's been betrayed, on issue after issue, with Obama changing his positions in order to defeat a tired and disillusioned Republican Party in November.

They're at the dance now and he's the one with the keys and he's the only ride they've got. And they don't like it.

He has flip-flopped again and again, on campaign finance, on government eavesdropping of overseas phone calls, on gun control and even Iraq. Future President Obama now says he'll listen to his generals about when to withdraw. He didn't say he'd listen to the commissars of the blogosphere.

And his cheerleaders are beginning to realize that Obama may not be the Arthurian knight in shining armor, that he may not be Mr. Tumnus, the gentle forest faun of our presidential politics. Months after his inauguration, after he makes Billy Daley the secretary of the treasury and Michael Daley the secretary of zoning and promotes Patrick Fitzgerald to become the attorney general of Mars, the political left may figure out that Obama is a Chicago politician."(ChicagoTribune)
Now more then ever is Hillary needed. We need to get the message out there, that Hillary can still lead us to victory and save the democratic party

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seasonedcook said...

This is really a funny article...but I am not laughing. I said this would happen...and my goodness I hate being right..If Daily gets brought to Washington under the guise of Obama,
we all need our butts kicked for allowing him to get past the convention. This makes me sicker
then Nancy covering her butt...and Dean sitting on his and earning a fortune, and not doing his job..These people do not care about the American people. They are earning hay while we all out here
are trying to make ends meet while
they mess things up...This is sad...We need to fire the whole
darn bunch..both sides of the fense...

Anonymous said...

Had he run the primaries on these positions he would have lost. Hillary should still be able to press him for the nomination if he continues to flounder, Obama is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Contact your Congressperson, you Senator, your Governor, and especially, if they're an SD, thank them for supporting Hillary if they do. And if they don't, let them know why you won't be voting for them on the next election cycle. Politicians tend to prick up their ears when enough of their constituents hold back their vote and/or dollars!

Let's all keep working hard, doing what we can between now and the convention to maximize the chances of Hillary having her day!


Tabitha LoVerso said...

Finally someone in Chicago is speaking out! I was waiting for someone to have the gaul to go against the Obama machine! Bravo! That's real journalism!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking he's just pandering to win the presidency... you know, being a politician. They all do it. I'm not sold on the idea that all of a sudden he's a right-wing nut job.

I still don't like him - not at all - but thought I'd throw this out there.

Anonymous said...

Poster #5 - I agree. I just think Obama is proving that he's an ordinary as the next politician when it comes to what he/they will do/say to garner votes. What's particularly curious here is that he does this in the face of his claim to be the candidate of change. That said, I do believe that the number of "flip flops" he's made in just a few weeks appears to be historic! Record breaking! Don't know what's up with that, but it's fine with me if he contributes to his own demise!


Patricia said...

This was a most interesting read...makes me wonder IF Obama wants the job??? wouldn't break my heart any if he didn't...he might better step aside and let Hillary take it...Hillary has the savvy to become our President....the woman is smart...she knows what needs to be done and will do her best...let us hope that the Convention will change things!!!