Tuesday, July 15, 2008

YouTube Legend Flineo Wants U!

Can you face him....well, can you?!?
Flineo has been patiently awaiting your photo - i don't care if it's 10 YEARS OLD or 10 LBS lighter......we just want some diversity - doncha think it would be cool to be included in this Flash intro? No names necessary....Submit via link below - not here...all email addresses/pics confidential as always...come on - let's lighten up and have some fun...

Email Photos To rockinwithrobin@gmail.com

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1 comment:

vrajavala said...

Listen Barry has alienated the veteran civil rights leaders. Now he has disenfranchised his starry-eyed Obamabots by voting for FISA. the DNC will wake up to the fact that their chosen candidate can't win, because there is a new player on the block, Cynthia McKinney, who will take all of Barry's old constituency and more. And her running mate is Rosa Clemente, a Latino Hip Hop activist, and she's going to garner a lot of the Latino vote. And that's why the DNC has to put Hillary back in the race because she has a sold base and can win against McCain.