Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hillary vs FDR - History Repeats Itself

Such a great article on HillBuzz
The Democratic Party in 1932 tried to stop Franklin Roosevelt, and actively conspired against him: the same way Howard Dean/Donna Brazile/Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid tried since 2004 to stop Hillary Clinton, and actively conspired agaist her.

We've been lifelong Democrats, and had no idea the party did to FDR what they did to HRC. Looks like everything old is new again -- but, on the sunny side of that coin, you do realize FDR overcame the odds against him and became, arguably, the greatest Democratic president, and one of the best presidents this nation has ever had.

That bodes well for an amazing woman, hailing also from New York.

Hillary is the new FDR
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LoveAmerica said...

Thank you for this Hillary Grassroots Campaign for sharing this video. Hope is still alive.
God Bless You.

And God Bless the future Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Go Puma pac/Just Say No Deal

seasonedcook said...

I wish that was the case for Hillary,
like it was for FDR...We have people today that are more cunning, and laws are passed by...I am praying for a
miracle in August for Hillary...I don't see her chances of winning other wise..These King pins have already figured out how to stop her from is all cut and dry before the nomination...I am going to by pass voting come this November.
I have told my grandkids if I find out they voted for Obama, I will not fix them any more Sunday chicken dinners..I don't believe
in Obama or his ways.

fix them anymore chicken dinners