Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Capitol Hill Democrats Upset at Obama

Here are some of the complaints from Capitol Hill Democrats in DC

• Until a mailing that went out in the past few days, Obama had done little fundraising for Democratic candidates since signing off on e-mailed fundraising appeals for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee immediately after securing the Democratic nomination.

• Obama has sometimes appeared in members’ districts with no advance notice to lawmakers, resulting in lost opportunities for those Democrats to score points by appearing alongside their party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

• The Obama campaign has not, until very recently, coordinated a daily message with congressional Democrats, leaving Democratic members in the lurch when they’re asked to comment on the constant back and forth between Obama and John McCain — as they were when Obama said earlier this month that he would “continue to refine” his Iraq policies after meeting with commanders on the ground there.

• Coordination between the Obama campaign and the House and Senate leadership is so weak that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — who will chair the Democrats’ convention in August — didn’t know of Obama’s decision to move his final-night acceptance speech from the Pepsi Center to Invesco Field until the campaign announced it on a conference call with reporters.(from the politico)
And Obama's Campaign response was...
Obama spokesman Bill Burton dismissed the criticism
That is just classic. No matter who you are, an Obama supporter upset over FISA, Hillary supporters upset over the lack of out reach, or even if your Nancy "Frackin" Pelosi, the response is the same. Obama just doesn't care and no matter what your grievance is, it will be dismissed. Sounds a lot like George Bush.

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vrajavala said...

If you haven't already heard the news, Cynthia McKinney is now the Green Party nominee and will take all of Barry's disenfranchised base. If the Democratic Party wants any chance whatsoever, they will put Hillary back on the roll call and make her the anointed nominee.
see democratsforrealchage

seasonedcook said...

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Obama is not cluing anyone else in on the action when he comes to town..He wants it all for himself...He is not planning to take anyone with him...He wants all of the credit..He is not going to share his toys with anyone...that is the attitude Obama has...So if anyone wants to further their ambition in the party and make them selves known, they may as well go on out and campaign with out Obama...He will not share a stage, or his time with other politicians...He doesn't have the time or the manners to do so....

irma said...

These Democratic lawmakers not invited to share the stage with Obama should consider themselves damn lucky, his endorsement hurts them more than helps. Go out and fend for yourselves because if he gets elected President, that's what most of us are going to have to do, fend for ourselves, he has no clue, no experience as to how to run this country. I pity the Democratic leaders that selected him, but then look at who they are. I don't donate to the Democratic Party at all, none of us should, remember, money talks.

Patricia said...

Seasonedcook and irma...both of you have Obama "pegged"...it is a shame that more don't feel like the two of you...IF Obama gets elected in November....all of us are in for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry long "4" years of nothing...it's obvious in the fact that he wants to be in the "limelight" regardless if he knows anything or not...HILLARY needs to be our President....all we can do is hope and pray....that things will change next month at that Convention...ALL of us know who the better person is....