Wednesday, July 16, 2008

8 Superdelegates Switch To Hillary

From Alegre's Corner
Big news folks - it looks like our efforts in contacting those Superdelegates are starting to pay off, so keep on writing to them (ok, maybe Donna B's a waste of time). There are unconfirmed reports, based on phone banking efforts to reach out to Super Ds, that eight previously Obama SDs expressed that, given the opportunity, they would vote for Hillary at the convention.

I heard about an interview Will Bower of PUMA did recently, where he said delegates are starting to say they'll vote for Hillary in Denver if the DNC did the right thing and ran an open and fair convention. That means a roll call vote with Hillary's name put into nomination, and on the ballot.

So I shot an email to Bower to ask him where he got that info from, and here's what he sent me regarding the efforts of a friend of his

"A large phone banking effort to the super d's combined with Obama's flips and poor presumptive nominee performance, etc have yielded doubts within the super delegates, enough that 3 elected and 5 DNC members have confided that should they have the opportunity to do so, they will vote for Hillary."
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about these 8 SD's who switched, yet haven't heard who they are or seen hard evidence of it. Where is this info coming from? Are they wanting to keep their identities secret? If not, why do we not know who they are?


A said...

From what I understand the delegates want to stay anonymous for now. If they were to announce who they are you can imagine the huge campaign Obama supporters would launch to change their minds. They would get attacked, smeared online, etc etc. I am sure they will make themselves known in August

Jane Heffelfinger said...

Hell, Donna would crucify them herself!

pumawhisper said...

I agree, there are more out there but must remain anonymous for now but hope they can figure out a way to communicate an inside plan without a donna mole hearing about it and messingit up. The FDR tape was a good one on how they tried to manuever things even back then.
Not to sure about the DNC anymore.

Patricia said...

This is great news...just lets me believe that there is still hope for Hillary...I can't blame the SD's for not wanting to reveal themselves....they are playing it smart...I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep on praying!!!!

rn/ said...

and it's even more awesome because that is a net gain of 16 for Hillary. Take 8 away from him and add them to her! YAY!

crymeariver said...

rn you must be a math teacher giggle, just teasing

What is they said about the first step on the moon, was a giant stepfor mankind or something like that.

Yes 16

How come there is so few posting comments on here? Where do most Hillary supporters post comments?

Anonymous said...

Playing devil's advocate...

Whoever these 8 SD's are:

1. Shouldn't they have enough self confidence to know they cannot be swayed by anyone if they feel the way they feel? Suggesting that they might be overwhelmed by Obama supporters to switch back is like saying they could be cast under a spell without any self will.

2. If Hillary is going to gain any momentum between now and the convention, it seems logical that any SD's who are switching will need to come out publically and say so in order to begin to create some momentum.