Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama's Fly Swatter - The Associated Press

I thought the words "Obama dismisses" sounded familiar, so I did a search on Google and here's what I found:

Obama Dismisses Dobson criticism about Bible

By SARA KUGLER, Associated Press Writer Wed Jun 25, 12:49 AM ET

Obama Dismisses Talk of Tension with the Clintons

Jun 25, 2008 ... Barack Obama, after receiving a tepid endorsement from Bill Clinton, said he has no concerns that bad blood between them will undermine his ...

Obama Dismisses Questions on Clark

Posted by Maria Gavrilovic| CBS News

Obama Dismisses Clinton Criticism

Associated Press, December 15, 2007

Obama Dismisses McCain's offshore drilling proposal

21 Jun, 2008, 0826 hrs IST, AP

Well, it seems as if the AP is using Barrack Obama's copy guidelines platform about which words to use when writing headlines about him. Or perhaps they just publish press releases from the Obama campaign under their name. This is a common practice in the press. For those of you who don't know, the AP is the "feeder" for all news outlets. So that way, Obama can define how he is talked about in the press and perceived by the public.

Now let's think about the word "dismiss" for a minute. At first blush, to me, it sounds like a professor "dismissing his class." It's definitely a power word that trivializes whatever topic it is attached to. Here's Webster's definition:

1. to permit to cause or cause to leave

2. to remove from position or service

3. to bar from attention or serious consideration

So while Obama is throwing friends and relatives "under the bus" he's "dismissing" his opponents and their policies. Nice trick. It's just like when Obama says "that topic is off limits." He is defining what is important and what isn't. He is defining what we should consider and what we shouldn't. And he's using the AP to do it.

Sounds like four more years of George W. Bush to me.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great piece and one worthy of more attention. Yes, Obama continues to feel he should define how he is or isn't srutinzed. My feeling is, if you're running for this most awesome job of POTUS, you'd better be prepared for any and all scrutiny, as it is deserved for any candidate throwing their hat into this ring. Sadly, the press follow along and don't challenge him.

Contact your local political leaderes (Congressional Rep, Senators, Governor, etc. and thank them for supporting Hillary, if they do. And, if they don't, express your concerns along with letting them know that you will NOT be voting for them in the next election cycle because of this most important issue. Politicians listen when enough constituents voice the same perspective. In the end, they all want to save their own ass come election day and if they think that's threatened, they might take pause.