Saturday, July 19, 2008

Special Sunday TRIPLE HEADER on "No We Won't" P.U.M.A. Radio !!


Sunday, July 20th, at 8pm EST !!



Lots of great stuff for you for EPISODE NINE of “No We Won’t” P.U.M.A. Radio -- in fact, a TRIPLE HEADER !!

This Sunday night at 8pm EST, please join Sheri Tag and Will Bower as they host Deb Barnes of “HAPi by Design" and of PUMAConference08 ( ). Deb is the event coordinator for the "Pre-Convention PUMA Conference" and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the event.

Then, at 8:30pm, stay with “No We Won’t” as we welcome the one, the only, Texas Darlin !! She will join us to discuss issues surrounding the lack of transparency in the "Barack for America" campaign and the issues surrounding Obama's birth certificate.

And, finally, at 9:30pm, we'll welcome rapper extraordinaire "E Luv" as he premieres for us his PUMA rap sensation, "Party Unity My As-" !!

As always, please be aware that -- regardless of what may tell you -- the show will begin at 8pm EST Sunday night.

Thank you, and we look forward to meeting up with you again at “No We Won’t” P.U.M.A. Blog Talk Radio!

Ps -- We at PUMAConference08 need to make sure we get at least 250 participants by the end of Tuesday, and we would love to have lots of sponsorship for this (at all levels). This is going to take a group effort, but we believe that this is very much worth our efforts and that the rewards will be great.

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seasonedcook said...

Will someone straighten me out....
Has P.U.M.A. changed their mind
about Hillary and backing Obama?
I did not see her name in this
blog..Is there a reason for this?
I am hoping that this is not a
commercial stunt to be make money off
of Hillary's name. I am not being
critical but only want to know the
facts about what is going on...I seem
to be lost out here in Obama land,
and want to get back to earth!
Thanks to who ever straightens me

Anonymous said...

Please store the entire radio broadcast as an audio file that can be downloaded from your web site.

I want to listen to the radio program, but sometimes, I cannot do so during the broadcast time.