Saturday, July 12, 2008

What are you doing this weekend to Just Say No Deal?

Post how you helped the PUMA movement this weekend?

I worked on this blog and donated $50 to Hillary's Debt
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Gordon in Kansas said...

I contributed $20.08 to Hillary's campaign and got a real education by reading a lot of the PUMA coalition website blogs.

Glenda Berg said...

I did my usual caustic commentary on several of
the traditional sites, including the following:

Posted By: Pandora1: July 12, 2008 at 7:08 PM
"Newsweek Poll"I think the key phrase in the discrepancies between polls lies in what the article describes as the fact that Obama "went about repositioning himself for the General Election." Why the author and Obama himself felt the need to reposition himself in the first place was not lost to savvy would-be voters, no matter how he defined it ("refining" his unconditional pledge to get us out of the war in Iraq, "compromising" his views on FISA, etc.)
We may have also noted that Newsweek polls have been decidedly biased in Obama's favor in recent history; as such, they often conflict with Gallop Polls and other respected surveys with more credence with the general populace. So sorry Newsweek is "so puzzled" about said discrepancies, but perhaps it should take a better look at their poll-taking expertise, rather than blaming it on "sampling error."

Posted By: Pandora1 (July 12, 2008 at 6:43 PM) News Week Article – Wed., July 09, 2008 2:36 PM: “Deconstructing Obama's 'Shift to the Center”
Mr. Romano glossed over OhNo's equivocation on Abortion Rights, wherein he said abortion was not necessary for "mental stress" reasons alone; I suppose inability to financially care for a child, or work at a low paying job while paying child care is not sufficient cause for mental stress. As with all issues affecting women, (and why many millions of Democratic women will not vote for him, myself included) Mr. Obama fails to see the larger picture of what is at stake: lower pay, lack of education and training due to child-bearing, crappy and expensive child care facilities, and lack of support from now non-existent extended families and an uncaring government make for a HUGE amount of distress, both on the mother and on society-at-large.
And, Oh yes, most Clinton supporters who are not supporting Obama are not just disappointed that a "woman didn't make the White House," but are dissatisfied with BOTH presidential candidates, and see BOTH of them as failing to see, much less address, issues relating to women and children in American society. Senator Clinton has spent her whole life doing just that, thank you very much, and not just paying lip service to it as Mr. Obama has done throughout his brief, very tenuous political career.

Anonymous said...

I wrote ever one of the Delegates...and i got some answers I contributed 20.08 and then 25.00. this is the letter i wrote:
Two Of a Feather Flock Together.

Word travels fast…That is the way it has always been…but now we have the internet..
We know Obama has committed voter fraud…you know it and all of America knows it.
We know about
Tony Rezko,
Rev Wright,
M. Marzook,
L. Farrahkan,
Allison Davis,
William Ayers,
James Meedks,
Rashid Khalid,
the Woods Fund,
George Soros,
Bernadine Rae DOhrn,
The Weather Underground,
Frank Marshall Davis,
Father Phleger, FISA,
public campaign financing,
Bitter/clinging to guns/God,
in a minute sweetie,
typical white person,
bone-headed land deal,
can’t do town hall meetings,
won’t do debates,
those countries are just tiny countries,
57 states,
flipping Hillary off on camera
(does that kid need a breathalyzer or a nebulizer?),
proof of citizenship
proof he signed up selective service
FLA, MI…..( you just don’t take away delegates and give delegates that are not earned. Our for fathers are turning over in their graves.)
and the list just goes on and on. Fear not.
The good people of this country will do what they have to do in November.
Your only hope to take back the white house is to nominate the best Candidate.
Hillary R. Clinton.
Because,,,,,,,,,,, Two of a feather flock together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All we need is 175 delegates switch over to Hillary !!

If you want to lobby the delegates here is a link for you:

Anonymous said...

And, contact your regional political leaders if they are SD's wih a specific letter thanking them if they support Hillary, and if they don't, let them know how you feel along with your pledge not to vote for them in the next election cycle because of how important this issue of who the nominee is to you.

Politicians feel it if they think they'll lose constituent's votes and/or money.


Mary Anne in Walla Walla said...

I let my husband continue to rant about Obama. Any more weeks like this one, and he will not vote for him!

Rockin Robin said...

I donated $25, then looked for ways to support the JUST SAY NO DEAL movement.

just look at the action page on this website !!