Saturday, July 12, 2008

Obama Going Downhill....Literally

This is a bad trend for the Democrats. Obama was supposed to be their big cash cow, the reason why they threw 18 million Hillary voters under the bus.

On top of that, it looks like traffic to his site is also down. The increase in traffic in July corresponds with the FISA fiasco which lead hundreds of thousands of Obama supporters to his site to beg him to not throw our constitution under the bus.

These graphs are a good indication of the impact his flip flopping has had on Democrats everywhere. Delegates I hope you are watching closely.
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Anonymous said...

The trend in contributions is interesting, but in order to determine it's meaning, it'd be interesting to know if this trend is typical at this point in the election cycle (ie, after primaries are over but before the convention). If this is the typical trend, then the graph means little. However, if this is a break from typical trends in donations to presidential candidates at this point in the election cycle, then I think it's meaningful. Anyone have any data from prior elections years?


Anonymous said...

Well that maybe...but this was suppose to be the Dems year....and Nobama should be up in the polls by 15 points or more...he IS NOT.

Anonymous said...

To poster #2, I agree. The fact that Obama is leading McCain is still a bummer, BUT, his lead has become so slim and within the statistical margin of error as compared to where he should be, as you point out. My comment was about the fundraising issue, which may or may not be related to the polling issue. It's easy to hypothesize (Lord knows, I'm so tempted because of how I want this to unfold), but trying to stay grounded in reality. Just wondering if that graph is truly indicative of something unique, or typical for this time in the election cycle, since the latter would give it much more meaning.

Just my take on it.


Patricia said...

I would love for these graphs to be true....I want to believe that they are and that Obama is going "downhill"....I would be so happy!!! I just don't trust him and IF he does get elected...I won't recognize him as President....and, hoping that "four" years go by very fast!!!