Friday, July 25, 2008


-- PUMAs!

I can't tell you how excited I am for EPISODE ELEVEN of "No We Won't" P.U.M.A. Radio!

Beginning at 8pm EST, we'll be hosting one of my (and our) heroes from this campaign season, LANNY DAVIS. While it's true that he is currently giving Obama his support, no one was braver or more articulate in supporting Hillary on the campaign trail than was Lanny. I still consider him our friend. We look forward to giving him a warm welcome, and to asking him about ways in which we can support the process of having Hillary Clinton's name placed into nomination at Convention.

But the show doesn't stop there! At 9pm EST, we will be welcoming Hillraiser RICKI LIEBERMAN of "ToGetHer4Us" and "The Electability Watch" to discuss her ongoing efforts to make sure that the most electable candidate, Hillary Clinton, is the Democratic nominee.

As always, please be aware that -- regardless of what may tell you -- the show will begin at 8pm EST Sunday night.

This is a Must-Listen-To episode, folks! We look forward to meeting up with you again at "No We Won't P.U.M.A. Blog Talk Radio!"

Will Bower & Sheri Tag
"No We Won't" P.U.M.A. Radio

Ps -- Have you started planning a local PUMA Gathering in your neighborhood for the weekend of August 1-3? Ground swell! Now is the time!

Thanks again! Will

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Anonymous said...

This is great. Finally we can get Hillary's "nominee" status cleared up. And tell lanny, to stop the VP, BULL.

Anonymous said...

After several weeks of trying to find a PUMA meeting in Northern California, PUMA PAC tells me that there are no meetings in my area. Without good organization, PUMA will disappear.

Is PUMA simply an outlet for anger against the Democratic Party or a means for electing Hillary Clinton as president? If the latter is the goal, then where are the public meetings?

M. Sakel said...

This is great stuff! Thanks for keeping us posted, HILLARY GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN!!!

I've just read at "I Own my Vote" ( a phenomenal letter by a MAJOR DNC DONOR sent to Andy Tobias the Treasurer and this woman's letter should be posted everywhere! It tells it like it is. She worked as bigtime Hedge Fund manager and has been on Wall Street as mover and shaker for over 25 years--and is a major HILLARY SUPPORTER!

Also, on the "I Own my Vote" site they have a pledge drive which looks very interesting.

Our thanks to Alex here at the Hillary Grassroots...which, incidentally, is a great and true name for this site and for all of HIllary's supporters...The ONLY TRUE HILLARY GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN! I can't fathom the BHO campaign ever being called "Grassroots", can you?

I took great offence with BHO going up on stage and mockingly 'denouncing' comedian Bernie Mac's despicably misogynist comments to the effect that all "Mothers and Sisters" are "Whores". Barrack finished off his mocking admonition which basically he was forced to do by someone from the audience ("Hey, Mac, this is a family gathering...bla bla...") And then Barack finishes it off by saying "Hey, man, I was just messing with you!". So, Barack agrees with this sexist moron who ended his "joke" with the punchline that "all mothers and sisters in families are 'hos"!!!!

And this MISOGYNIST half-baked CHICAGO political SEWER-RAT wants to be President? Gimme a break!

Please see the Youtube of "FISA Passes...Hillary Defends Constitution".

We've ordered some "Hillary stuff" fromt the Hillary site to help out with her campaign deficit.

It's a great idea to purchase Hillary's photos, stickers, signs, T-shirts and campaign buttons, etc. while they still last and, at the same time, help her out! They look great...and will also become part of history....The Hillary Diane Clinton Legacy will live on!