Friday, July 11, 2008

Yes Hillary Can!!

Kristen Breitweiser has a great article about Obama and how it is still not to late for Hillary at the Huffingtonpost. (click here to read)

Here are some snippets from the article
But who is Barack Obama now?

Unfortunately, none of us know who Barack Obama really is especially in light of his recent mercurial political positions.

Usually when someone behaves in such an unrecognizable manner, you turn to the person in question's past history for reassurance. Not so with Obama since his public record is so short. Indeed, Obama's public life started a mere 10 years ago and his uncanny ability to spend no longer than two years in any one post or place translates to Obama never being held accountable. That lack of accountability translates to Obama being an unknown entity merely offering up his lofty, poetic, and very pretty promises to trust. But lately those pretty little promises aren't holding up much -- let alone anyone's trust.

And I am not going to shut up and trust Obama for the sake of party unity. Just like I refused to shut up and trust Bush after 9/11. Remember, Dissent is Patriotic. Obama promised to be something different. He promised to stand up and do the right thing. He promised the Change that many people were yearning for. While I never believed him to have authentic principles, Obama's early supporters did. And those early supporters are responsible for Obama receiving the nomination. They voted for Obama specifically because he said that he wasn't the type of person that he has now revealed himself to be....

Reminder to all: The Superdelegates have not yet voted. They cast their vote at the Convention in August which means Hillary Clinton's "suspended" campaign could be reinstated. (Because, Oh, Yes She Can!)....

Democrats must have a candidate with clear conviction to beat John McCain in November.
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Anonymous said...

Blogging on the Huffington Post is all well and good. But what we really need to be doing right now is contacting super delegates (in a professional, mature manner, of course). Anyone need help with how to do that, write a post here.


vrajavala said...

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vrajavala said...


sflaforhillary said...

Anna: I would love your input. I have the names of Super Delegates in Florida. Would appreciate help with where to go from here.



Anonymous said...


I agree and do need help in that regard. Isn't there a web-site where all of the delegates are listed? If not, shouldn't we assemble one? I would help out, if that is something that needs to be compiled and dessiminated.

Martina in Kentucky

Anonymous said...

I am SO ready to do anything to help get Hillary in the White House! AND, and so excited to see the number of others who feel the same way. PLEASE... let's not give up!!!!

Anonymous said... is a web site where you can contact SD's en masse by selecting them according to two options: 1) who they support (Clinton, Obama, or Undecided), and 2) which state they live in. You can draft a letter then cut and paste it into the box. They fax all of the letters, so when you hit "send" (or "fax", can't recall which word they use), a screen will pop up asking for a modest donation of $5 to help defray the cost of faxing. They are a wonderful organization and would have shut down this service by now excpet the demand did not abate (mostly because of Hillary supporters like us). There's also an e-mail link you can use to contact them with any questions.

You can come up with any number of strategies for your letter in terms of 1) a general letter for all SD's, 2) a letter specifically written to SD's in your state, 3) a letter targeting SD's who are undecided, 4) a letter to SD's who support Clinton, thanking them and letting them know you're counting on them for support, etc.

As far as letters go, I'd recommend the following: 1) keep the length to no more than one page to maximize the chances of your letter actually being read, 2) make it personal, 3) keep the tone professional, polite, mature and respectful, 4) identify who you are and provide contact info of how they can reply (snail mail and/or e-mail).

As far as the first issue goes, for many of us it's hard to keep the letter to one page. There are so many things we want to address, things we want to say, things we don't want to leave out. But, you can't write a short novel! And, if you write too much, it's pretty much going wisdom that no one will read it. So pick the things that feel most important to you and focus on them.

Many grassroots orgs have been updating their database regarding the contact info for all the SD's, so please don't anyone start trying to do that yourself. If doesn't seem user friendly, you can go to the PUMApac web site and go to their action center to see if their updated contact list is posted yet.


sflaforhillary said...

Anna, thank you so much for all your information. There are many Delegates in Florida that are undecided, a lot for Hillary that I would like to thank and encourage to stay strong and some for Obama. This will be very helpful and I appreciate your effort.


seasonedcook said...

If you put RealClearPolitics in your
browser, it will come up with
your delegates...that is a nice
sight to cover when they was voting
all over the shows how many
votes and everything...try it....

I am having a problem with to many grassroot org, out here for Hillary...
Why can't we all ban together...This group, and that one, after a while
nothing is accomplished. I have
joined 3 and nothing is org. and I want to help, but no one gets back with me...I am here in middle of OHIO and there is a meeting here the 16th..but no time set...can you

Anonymous said...

Does Silicon Valley (between San Francisco and San Jose in California) have a branch of P.U.M.A.? I want to write "Hillary Clinton" on the voting ballot in November.

I have asked this question 10 times, but no one responds.

Anonymous said...

To Annonymous in Silicon Valley. Join/Register at the main PUMApac web site. They are starting to organize by region/state. There are things coming together in northern CA that is coordinated with them and another grassroots org. Have you asked your question on the blog there? It's a very active blog. On the one hand you can get lost in it because there are so many posts. At the same time, there are a lot of people posting so someone's likely to pick up your question and address least, eventually. Also, you can usually find a way to contact the woman who started PUMA and ask your question to her directly.

SeasonedCook, yeah, there are so many orgs at this point each with their own vision and priorities and tactics, but with the overarching unifying theme of not wanting Obama as our next President. But, it does seem like there are so many orgs and likely efforts are being duplicated, not to mention the same points being made on all of the blogs.

That said, it's amazing what's been accomplished in such a short time. But, after about 5 weeks, I also wonder if it's time to reassess and perhaps reorganize into a more cohesive, condensed unit. Not sure if that's realistic given so many factors involved.

PS So, what's your culinary specialty?!*


Anonymous said...

Are you referring to

I found the site.

Please confirm it.

I am in Silicon Valley.

Anonymous said...

To: Silicon Valley poster: Yes, that's the web address. Post again if you need further help. If I can, glad to help you find what you need.

Anonymous said...

Silicon Valley poster. Here's another place to go that is organizing around the country and is already quite organized in northern CA: