Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Say NO DEAL to Shady Marketing

*****MEDIA ALERT*****

We Say "NO DEAL" To Shady Marketing and Fund-raising Tactics
An "Open" Convention is Nominations Not Open-air Stadia

Online and Nationwide— The Just Say No Deal Coalition responds to the DNC’s statement yesterday regarding Senator Obama’s planned speech at Invesco Field in Denver on August 28, 2008.
A marketing and fund-raising email campaign sent out by the Democratic National Committee yesterday states:
One month from today, more than 75,000 Americans will join Barack Obama at the first truly open Democratic National Convention in a generation.
If you make a donation in any amount before midnight this Thursday, July 31st, you could join Barack backstage before he accepts the Democratic nomination.

Just Say No Deal welcomes the concept of a "truly open Democratic National Convention," but the only "openness" that the planned event will seemingly incorporate is the open-air style of the venue.

Just Say No Deal Coalition member Marc Rubin of the Denver Group explains, "Hosting the first 'truly open Democratic National Convention in a generation' would entail placing Senator Clinton's name in nomination according to Democratic Party rules and that super delegates would then have the opportunity to vote for either candidate as the rules dictate. It would also involve Senator Obama acknowledging that he is not the Democratic candidate for President and that there will not be an official nominee until the roll call vote on August 27, 2008, where at that time both he and Senator Clinton would have their names placed in nomination and the super delegates would cast their votes to decide the actual nominee."

Just Say No Deal asks Senator Obama yet again, "Which is it?" Is the Convention truly open or just openly full of hot air? The Coalition says NO DEAL to manipulating sacred democratic principles and traditions for marketing or fund-raising purposes.

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HiLLGAL2008 said...

Very eloquently said..I cannot imagine why, the presumptous nominee Obama would make a speech in a stadium instead of the traditional way most every other candidate has in the past. This election should be about every American citizen and fairness in this election and it is not..this speech he is holding court to give is because he is the first black candidate that has gotten this far and what better day to tap into the nerves of the black community and use them for his own advancement. It is so sad that he has chosen to use some of the most vulnerable people to get himselrf elected, poor white and black Americans, who yearn for something or someone to help them. But, it's not him..he should be ashamed and so should Oprah...who is a billionaire and also uses the black community, when she needs to do so...I think maybe the poor whites and blacks are not desparate enough to let him use them and will see that is what he is doing the more he is grinning and waving and saying nothing...absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

I say we need a product recall. Axelrod is marketing a product for the DNC called OBAMA. This item has been promoted world wide. Alerts need sounded. This product is hazardous to Americas future, not to mention the toxic impact it will reap on our economic health and general welfare. This product has no warning labels and poses extreme safety concerns for the general public. I ask the DNC to take this faulty product off the public shelves and replace it with a proven model that works. That of course is Senator Hillary Clinton.

irma said...

The reason Obama needs a stadium is because he considers himself a superstar. He craves and needs attention. But our voices can be heard. We can protest and we can boycott that product Obama, and Oprah, and remember Nancy Pelosi's book should be coming out this next week, boycott them all.

Anonymous said...

Obama is but a glitzy GWB, dressed as a Dem, not faithful to positions he borrowed during the primaries and then disavowed in his move to center, even before nomination. It's a measure of our desperation that so many regard him as a solution, when he has hardly any record of accomplishment, except rapid advancement of his career. Obama in the WH is no better than GWB in the WH for a third term.
Silicon Valley Democrat