Thursday, July 10, 2008

Help Retire Hillary's Debt

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Anonymous said...

Been donating small amounts every couple of weeks. Really resent feeling pressured/threatened by the DNC that if her debt's not retired by tomorrow she can't come to the party. (How do we even know that that is true - Anyone find any MSM reports about it? What is this deadline idea based on?)


pumawhisker said...

Will someone please tell me how I can send Hillary a donation from my ebay paypal account. I need an email address to send money from my account. What would that email address be please. Hurry tomorrow is DNC deadline. Thanks
I will check in the morning here.

Anonymous said...

To make a donation just go to her website at - everything counts!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the current status of Hillary's debt? I saw at video of Will Bower saying that PUMA had been responsible for several million dollars being contributed just before July 9. He said they were making a big push to have it paid off by July 11.

Was that true, or a rumor that the DNC said that Hillary's debt had to be paid off by July 11? Otherwise, what would happen???