Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why, You Think Obama is Dangerous? Oh My...

By: Tracy Karol

It might be a subtle uneasy feeling felt deep inside, like a nagging suspicion you’ve left the iron on with a baby in the room. You are not even quite sure what it is about him, but you know something about Barack Hussein Obama is a bit, well, frightening…dangerous, even. Oops, I said his middle name…it’s only a matter of time before they come and get me!

It could be that you aren’t sure if he has socialist tendencies if not communist/Marxist views (witness his recent wild popularity in European countries with socialist leanings), or Muslim ties, relations and at best sympathies (he has received funds and endorsements from Muslim groups and even terrorists). The two are on opposite ends of the spectrum, so you don’t really know what to believe about Barack Obama but feel he’s slick, maybe too slick?

You might think Obama is dangerous because he doesn’t seem to think before he speaks, unless it is a carefully crafted speech, of course, and those are often blatantly stolen from speeches of the past. When he does speak off the cuff, his remarks show his inexperience, like his comments about invading Pakistan, a country with nuclear weapons – and again after he has oft said he wants to pull out of Iraq. Where does he stand on war? Who truly knows, since he never seems to admit when he is wrong on issues? Hmmm….Clinton supporters have a bit more insight and intelligence when it comes to such things. Call it ‘intuition.’

You might think Barack Obama is dangerous because he never seems to tell the truth. He has changed positions so many times – flip-flopped, if you will – whispering to one audience what it wants to hear and another what it prefers, while the media turns a blind eye, so you truly have no idea what his policies are. In fact, he doesn’t seem to have any policies, other than “hope and change,” which are mere words that sound pretty but don’t actually mean anything.

You think Barack Obama is dangerous because you have been left to wonder if his friends are worse than Al Qaeda; oops I did it again, here they come.

By now, some, not all, but some of you have probably heard of his past associations (or not truly past; just tossed under the bus, for the time being) with:

1. Tony Rezco, the developer and criminal who helped him get his start in Chicago politics and was a close personal friend to both Barack and Michelle Obama, buying the empty lot next to their house so they could buy their home. He’s now in jail.
Louis Farrakhan, whom he helped organize the Million Man March, and who is known as the “black Hitler.”

2. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his pastor for 20 years at his radical church, whose rants about AIDS were blatantly racist, who damned America and said our country deserved the 9/11 attacks, while Obama sat in the pews listening and later brought Wright on as an advisor to his campaign.

3. William Ayers, the terrorist who blew up buildings and also held fundraisers for Barack Obama.

4. The last and most certainly one of the worst, Rajala Odinga, Prime Minister of Kenya and cousin of Obama who is accused of radical terrorist acts and ethnic cleansing since as far back as 1985. Yet, Obama still endorsed his candidacy and campaigned for him during his run for Prime Minister.

These are just a few of his associates…there are plenty more to come. With friends like these, who needs Al Qaeda?

You think Barack Obama is dangerous because he is inexperienced?
You think he is a proven liar?
You are concerned about electability because of little things like being radically to the left on the issues?

Hmmm…what do you think of his stance on abortion – going further than even NARAL would in voting against legislation similar to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act in Illinois, and his record as the most liberal Senator, a title he took away from Ted Kennedy? Barbaric maybe you think? Yet, as a woman I'm supposed to feel liberated by this. Why then do I feel like I need a shower?

Well, one could argue he's the savior of the economy; the ONE who can pull us out of this HELL. If only you’d studied his tax plan you’d know that no matter what your income level, you will pay significantly more in taxes under his leadership than you would under John McCain’s. That should make you feel less reluctant about his competency, right?

Yet even with his radical plans, he is still against gay marriage, something most in the homosexual community don’t even know – so they support him, assuming he will back that cause when in fact he is only in favor of civil unions, the same as John McCain. While his healthcare plan would not only leave millions still uninsured, it would drive up taxes so high that those who most needed it would be pushed into poverty. Yet, you think he is dangerous? I say indeed!

You know Barack Obama is dangerous for this country, and you know he is dangerous for you personally? There are many reasons why people think he is dangerous, so you are not alone. He’s a study in contradictions. It’s impossible to point to just one, as it’s impossible to pin him down on any one thing. But one thing is clear: You know Obama, a dangerous man, is the wrong choice for America.

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vrajavala said...

Unfortunately the Axelrod PR media extravanganza is what the brainwashed Americans and young want to see.
Rev. Manning from Harlem is calling for tougher tactics. All our reasoning is falling on deaf ears.
Manning is calling for a total Boycott of all Obama related groups like
Oprah Winfrey,CNN, NY Times, NAACP, and the Urban league.
do a search for him on youtube to hear him Rev Dr. james Manning

Isabel said...

I appreciate that you have captured my thoughts in your article. I have a gut feeling too, [that he is dangerous] and scared to death that he is on their side and that he will give away America. God save us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article and saying what I have thought all along...I admit it..I'm scared should Obama become our President...he has easily swayed so many people with his "smooth, slick" talk...I don't think that he has an inkling of what to do should he get elected....America had better wake up before November before it becomes toooooo late!!!
I still have my fingers crossed that things will "change" in a few weeks in Denver!!

Anonymous said...

I have had bad dreams about this man. I am not a religious fanatic,(I'm a Methodist) but read Revelations about the Smooth talker (Anti-Christ)how he has all these blind followers who worship him, without question(Like the Media). It is scary and unnerving!!I have been listening to one of those religious radio shows at work lately and they have been talking about the seven seals and the Anti- Christs and the beginning of the end. I have never been one to follow with the crowd. I Like to check things out pretty well before I follow. I do not understand these OBAMA GROUPIES!

C4M said...


How well you have captured our hearts, minds and fears. Thank you for the bravery to write this...and I will cut and paste it everywhere.

Hope others will do the same because the US Voters need to see the truth.

Anonymous said...

I say that if there was nothing to hide...Obama would clear up a lot of questions people have...show us a legitimate Birth Certificate, so we can see where he came from...show his passport, so we can see where he's been...his life as we the people know it, is shrouded in mystery, and he gets annoyed when anyone asks for proof...we don't know who he is...and we should know as much as possible before we allow him to run for president of our country...I have 10 grandchildren, and I'm afraid of what his 'Changes' are for their country when I'm gone!We need to keep him out of the White House at all costs...he keeps changing his mind on important issues, trying to keep us off balance and confused...well, I'm not confused...NObama in NOvember!!!

Rockin Robin said...

Its insane to see how gullible people are. They watch CNN and believe the talking heads. Big media has been feeding us lies for years and we just go along with it.

Was anyone paying attention to what happened when Odinga did not get elected last December? I heard up to 1,000 people (mostly christians) were murdered because Odinga didn't win the presidential election.

They were either burned alive in their church or hacked to pieces.

Yeah, we heard a little bit of it on the news but no one, NO ONE drew a line from Odinga to Obama.

Obama endorsed this man and campaigned for him on one of his trips to Africa. The Kenyan government called Obama Odinga's stooge.

Pumawhisper said...

Very nice article.

I received an email from Michelle asking for donation, one from Ted Mahon and one from Howard Dean, but when you reply comes back undeliverable. They can ask for money but don't want you to respond, can't even reach them.
What are they afraid of Puma attack no doubt??giggle

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rev Manning, though I take it one step further, I am writing the companies who sponsor these lies and letting them know I will not buy thier products until they stop supporting these lies.

Chris McLeod said...

It's interesting you would try to label him as a socialist, when he and Hillary are aligned on nearly every issue.

irma said...

I don't understand the dual-citizenship thing. Isn't Obama a citizen of Kenya as well as the US? So where is his loyalty? Is it legal for someone with dual-citizenship to be President? And have other presidential candidates campaigned for family members in other countries? I guess if you're Obama you can do anything you want and get away with it.