Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama Rejects Fox Invitation To Talk Women's Issues With McCain

From The Fox Greta Wire
"Because of the importance of the “women vote,” and because I don’t think we can really judge candidates from slick ads or attack ads but rather as we see them both get hard questions side by side at the same forum, we (ON THE RECORD) invited both candidates to a special Audience Show ON THE RECORD focusing on issues that might be particularly or uniquely important to women. I also hoped to have mostly women in the audience….and let them put the questions to the two candidates. Frankly I want to minimize role and let the audience / the voters speak to the candidates.

The good news? Senator McCain’s campaign said Senator McCain will do this.

The bad news? Senator Obama’s campaign declined."

No Sueprise There!
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Anonymous said...

He doesn't want to debate McCain anything. Obama is a charming speaker, but he's not good during one on one debates.

Most the time when he'd debate Hilary he'd just let her speak first, then he'd basically agree with her, but he'd say it again in a "better" way. Anyone else notice Hilary always got the big questions first to always allow Obama to do this ???

Anyhow, that style won't work against McCain because he'll have to disagree with him and thus, come up with his own answer for once.

Besides, the way he's jumping to the right, he'll just be agreeing with McCain pretty soon.

Obama is taking for granted that people will vote for him just because he's not McCain. Taking the, "well, I've got them for a vote, now I can forgot about them and move on".

I don't trust a man like.

vrajavala said...

the black community will vote for Cynthia McKinney

HiLLGAL2008 said...

It's obvious Obama isn't knowledgeable enough on any of the issues to answer on his own. He found that put when he debated alone with Senator Clinton. That is why he refused to debate after the last one. He can only speak with any intelligence when a speech is written for him and he has a telepromtpter. When he has to answer questions like the others, he stammers and stutters and sounds dumb. That is why he was always asked the questions after Senator Clinton was asked the same questions, then he would repeat what she said, and just change a few words..everyone saw it and knew what he was doing, while he tried to act like he was allowing her to go first....if you want a real chuckle, check out his book at the library, I say this because I wouldn't spend the money on it...it is basically lies and drama...to puff himself up. But, check out his 100 pages of what he did in Chicago for the Asbestos issue...to hear him describe it, it sounded like he went into the buildings himself and extracted every bit of it...he of course did almost nothing..the asbestos...it's still there..he is all talk..and that is why he won't appear in any question/answer type of forum..he never gives the same answer twice..talk about flipping..

Patricia said...

hillgal2008....you really have Obama "pegged"..you think like I do...I don't trust him...never will...he's nothing more than a "smoothe talker" and thinks he has this election sewed up...welllllllllll....he better think again...this is far from over!!

LoveAmerica said...

No surprise here. He doesn't know anything to talk about unfortunately.

Go Puma's and Just Say No deal people.

It is time for all delegates to jump ship and save the Democratic party before we all go to the McCain train. What happens in Denver will determine my switch or not as a Protest vote. Can't let Nancy Pelosi and Dean and Obama get away with the great american hijacking of voters votes. Outrageous.