Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama Draws a Crowd of 200,000 with FREE Concerts, Pizza & Beer

The Just Say No Deal Coalition issues the following in response to Senator Obama’s address at the site of the Victory Column following a free rock concert on July 24, 2008 in Berlin, Germany.

"While coverage of Senator Obama's Berlin speech provided audiences here at home nothing less that a visual "shock and awe," it neglected to mention that the well-hyped speech had an opening act: a gratis concert by two wildly popular groups, Reggae artist Patrice and rock band Reamonn.

While we appreciate the Obama Campaign's hospitality, on behalf of furthering US international relations, offering free bratwurst, pizza and even beer for three hours during the free rock concert, we question whether or not the monies might have been better spent here on financially strapped US citizens. Furthermore the Just Say No Deal Coalition identifies this pattern as deceptive to media consumers.

Similarly, back on May 20, 2008 in Portland, Oregon, the critically acclaimed local band Decemberists performed a rare free concert prior to Senator Obama’s appearance (note: there are no reports of free refreshments being served during this appearance).

While news stories generated by both appearances focused on the enormity of the crowd size, few reports mentioned the accompanying perks, leaving some to question whether revelers are showing up for Senator Obama or for free food and entertainment. Without this additional information, Just Say No Deal contends that Americans are being misled about the presumptive Democratic nominee’s true popularity."

The Just Say No Deal Coalition will not merely fall in line behind a presumptive Party nominee that was chosen by a flawed system that disenfranchised millions of legally registered voters. The Just Say No Deal Coalition members will still either choose to stay home in protest, write in Senator Clinton’s name or vote for Senator John McCain. Our votes are our voices and Just Say No Deal’s voices are over 2 million strong and growing. The Coalition will continue to organize in pursuit of its mission of keeping another unqualified candidate from reaching the Oval Office.

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Anonymous said...

This is well written. Thank you. Is it being sent out as a press release? I hope so.


Rockin Robin said...

I agree Anna. And I do believe this is being sent out as a press release by JSND.

I think we should question MSM as to why they didn't share this part of the Obama sensation.

This is like a big PR campaign and nothing more. Really sad that our country may be led by a manufactured democratic president.

Next election season, I'm running for President of the United States. Apparently I need no real experience ~ just an "in" with the media and off we go.


I have posted similar comments regarding the Oregon free concert and sent to press and even editorial to my newspaper and never got printed, never heard a word. The people out there are simply NOT GETTING THE TRUTH FOR IF THEY DID, HIS NUMBERS WOULD DROP RAPIDLY.

He will continue to get passes as he is the "selected" one no matter what we do it seems. I fear the worst voting fraud ever and we must figure out a way to keep that from happening.

One thing I do know, should our votes actually count in November, is that all these groups need to be on the SAME page. Never has a write vote EVER worked as to easy to toss out. Staying home is a vote for Obama as you must vote for his oppononent if you want him to lose no matter how hard it hurts to vote Republican for a career Democrat, we must to defeat this train wreck about to happen called Obama.

It is pretty clear to me although I am still writing and faxing etc. pulling for Hillary, that it isn't going to be happening as Dean has covered all the bases within, the Debra thing in Wisconsin should provide you evidence with that.

All we got next to lawsuits after the fact is unfortunately to make sure OBAMA doesn't get in by pulling together and voting for his opponent. Fragmanting ourselves will defeat us. United we stand to beat him.
I have been a Democrat since 1960. It hurts like heck to be forced to vote for Republican (but McCain is one of the nicer ones giggle). But that is the only SURE way to beat Obama come November.

We have put up a good fight but Denver has everything fixed to work against anything we do there doesn't mean we stop trying. Hate to be a downer but we must look past August 25 for a backupplan while you still have connections with so many disenfranchised people. If Hillary doesn't get nominated you will lose lots of people, still unhappy but in need of guidance to defeat Obama. I am NOT a Republican mole by the way. My folks would turn over in their grave if they new I was forced to vote Republican. But the Democratic party is no more honorable and I can't trust them.
Obama has to lose. Our country needs a strong leader for the right path. Nothing to do with race, or sexism now, it is about saving this great country of ours.

I am not a computer person and the only place it seems I can leave a comment is here where only several people evidently are reading. Anyone wanting to take my thoughts and post them elsewhere, be my guest as I don't know how. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Outrageous, simply outrageous! ! ! Unfortunately, it would appear there is little we can do to make the media present a fair picture. I agree with the writer who said it hurts to vote for a Republican. But it may be our best, and only, option. Not voting is not counted, and write-in votes are never enough to be effective. Please do not waste your vote doing either of these.

I believe that McCain is enough of a patriot, and an honorable man (Obama is neither) that he will do what is right for (his and our) beloved nation. If you go to the comparison of taxes advocated by Obama, vs. that advocated by McCain, which is also available on this website, I believe that will (at least partially) allieviate your pain at voting for a Republican.

It is unfortunate that Debra B was a little too outspoken. I would have done the same thing! ! Let us learn from what happened to her. Those of us who NOT delegates or super delegates, need to be vociferous. We need to make our points loudly and clearly, by whatever means necessary. Meantime, we must trust the delegates who feel as we do to handle things within the Convention. DO WE HAVE AN ORGANIZATION SET UP TO HANDLE ALL THIS???

gloria rickel

Anonymous said...

what a surpirse that osama hussein who produced a fake birthcertificate and who still has yet to produce a legitimate one would still be deceiving people. everything about him has and is one big LIE! even about the day he was born! GOD help us all!

Anonymous said...

Pizza & beer is about as much as I expect from Obama, the fraud expert, and only if I'm lucky. Not that much has changed, since the days of bread & circuses.
Silicon Valley Democrat

Anonymous said...

So let me see if I get this straight:

While the American economy is tanking, American money went to German musicians and suppliers of food and more.

While Americans are losing their jobs and homes and cutting back on food budgets, American money went to feed hundreds of thousands of Germans free.

And all for a photo op to get more Americans to give more money and to get their votes -- since the Germans won't be voting. But for free brats, they're glad to be manipulated to get the American people to think this guy has worldwide support. Because the American media groupies aren't telling the American people this.

I would bet that the well-paid and well-fed media groupies got free pizza and brats, too. That is a conflict of interest, according to their professional ethics code. . . .

Anonymous said...

Free pizza, bratwurst and beer! Man! Who paid for that? No WONDER he needs Hillary's top fundraisers to start bundling for him!

I am a delegate to Denver and a fundraiser who raised a comfortable 6 figures for Senator Clinton. I am outraged that Debra Bartoshevich had her credentials taken away by a stupidly myopic state party board - ignoring the fact that she was elected to be a delegate and that people actually VOTED FOR her. Sort of like taking the people who voted "undecided" in MI and giving them to Barack Hussein Obama. Do we see a pattern here all aimed at anointing their Golden Boy?

Sorry I couldn't be there to help Debra. But I will be her voice in Denver. I will not raise one penny for Barack Hussein Obama nor will I ever given anything to the DNC again. I get a thrill every time I receive a solicitation letter from them. I shred it and return it in the business reply envelop - forcing them to pay the postage. It's the little things in life that make me happy. Everyone should try it!

I will never vote for Barack Hussein Obama. Not in August. Not in November!

HiLLGAL2008 said...

I have said all along since Senator Clinton suspended her campaign, that I would vote for Senator McCain and will not vote for Obama even if Senator Clinton is asked to be his VP. There have been too many lies, too many flip flops and such radical behavior with his orchestrated campaign Ifeel like I am watching a Hollywood sickens me the dishonesty. To impky that many people in Germany came simply to see the Mesiah is wrong...and he is nothing less the the lowest of low polititican. Truely from the "O" list.

HiLLGAL2008 said...

Please for the sake of this country. Don't stay home, don't write in Senator Clinton....that vote will go to Obama, because Senator Clinton must have registered in each state because each one's laws are different and that vote will go to him. If you stay home, it will also help him, because it's not a vote Against him...just take a deep breathe and know you are doing the best thing for this country. Senator McCain while a Republican is an honorable man and I bel;ieve he will try to do the best job for this country..

Persio said...

Great job is being done with this web site. I read all the emails and posting on this site. I haven't given up hope on Hillary and i hope none of the 18 millions that voted for her either. Obama is a fraud and dangerously inexperienced. I want no part of helping him to the white house, so if we can't get Hillary to run then my vote will go to McCain, he's def. better than Obama.

Jane Heffelfinger said...

I would be interested to know just exactly HOW MUCH MONEY Obama's campaign spent to entertain GERMANS, while back here in AMERICA we STILL have HOMELESS VETS and others LIVING on the streets.


I mean really, what was the point of the German speech???