Friday, July 11, 2008

Why Are You A Democrat Contest

Howard Dean is hosting a content.
"Why Are You A Democrat"
It's a youtube contest where people are asked to submit a video response to this question.

Go here
Post comments on peoples videos about how disappointed you are with the Democratic Party. Here is your chance to share with the DNC how you feel about how this primary election was stolen. If your good with a camera upload a few videos where you discuss your disappointment with the DNC.

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If you posted a video response or even just a comment on YouTube post a link to your youtube video or comment below in the comments.
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Anonymous said...

Hey, how about a contest about why we used to be a Democrat! (Switched to Independent and loving it!)


Lauren M said...

How about a contest that proves we're American citizens that actually love our country? How about a contest that proves we say what we mean and actually tell the truth? How about a contest that proves we are democracy and that the people in this country have a voice that counts?

How about the DNC tell the truth about what their true intentions are. No person in this country believes that the people in charge of the DNC believe in change.... if they did, they would have changed a long time ago.

This is the old way of doing business, directing how the new way of doing business is going to be enforced. How insulting this entire fiasco is to the American people.... I am so a shamed of the professionals who are suppose to be protecting us.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for CERTAIN and that is the DELEGATES WILL NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY IN AUGUST! Been there done that and these spinless morons would rather vote for someone that NO ONE TRUSTS, HAS NO EXPERIENCE, and NOT AN OUNCE OF LOVE OR PATRIOTISM FOR THIS COUNTRY. But to CHANGE NOW would take some guts and the yellow streak down their backs is a mile long! All they undersand is $$$$ And you can believe there has been some coming their way either in the form of CASH or FAVORS. There is NO OTHER WAY that this many delegates would jump on that wagon unless it was the CASH WAGON! The only thing I can say is that Hillary would be BETTER off running as McCains VP! Atleast she would BE in the White House and able to work with someone that LOVES the Country and we can TRUST!

HiLLGAL2008 said...

I think the DEAN/DNC is just as arrogant as Obama is and they believe they can just ignore us and we will go away and come around...and follow along behind them but, they are dead wrong..we just keep getting stronger and stronger and they just keep pretending we don't exist..I think, in the words of Barrack Hussein Obama,"THEY NEED TO GET OVER IT" I think Obama thinks he's won already, holding his acceptance speech in a stadium on Martin Luther King Day, what the heck is that about? Arrogant jerk.

Michele said...

The time will come for members of the DNC...their secrets/lies/deception will be out for all to hear. That is...if they don't COMPLETELY RUIN OUR COUNTRY first!!! The only reason Hillary isn't the nominee right now is because she knows too much...and THEY all knew she wouldn't put up with their bullshit...Obama is a perfect pawn and nobodyreally cares what happens to him...they'll use him, chew him up and spit him out when he starts to lose his flavor. You think this is about RACE now??? We'll have riots in the streets before it's all over. I guarantee it! And then...Hillary will be there to clean up the mess you all are making!

bernice said...

Howard Dean, the division of the Democratic Party is entirely your fault. You let this happen under your watch. How could you disenfranchise so many democratic voters? How could you go against the Democratic Charter? Article 5,
Section 4, states that the Chair=
person shall exercise impartiality between candidates and ensure officers and staff do the same during the nominating process. You surely blew that one when you asked Hillary Clinton to stand down and you offer us up someone with absolutely no experience, someone who has too many personal associations with less than desir-
able character at a time that our nation is crying out to be pulled from the mire of the past 7-1/2 years and crying out to become the beacon of light for the rest of the world.

Oh yes, Senator Obama brought so many new voters to the Democratic Party. He brought people that very few have ever paid taxes, never owned a home and had it foreclosed on, had to pay a hospital bill or pay for their own prescriptions, never fought in a war to help people in other countries have a democratic government.

Thank you Mr. Dean for making this possible for all the American people, not just the democrats. If Senator Clinton's name is not placed in nomination at the convention where every democratic voter will feel that this is a fair vote, there will be no democratic party like we once knew.

Anonymous said...

The reason many Democratic supporters will not vote for Obama is because they are embarrassed of him, his life, his unfair tactics and his beliefs. And they still don't know all about him.

1. They don't want a candidate that has been in a twenty year relationship with Reverend Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ.

2. They don’t’ want a candidate that has a twenty year relationship with Father Pflaeger as his compass in life

3. They don’t want a candidate that went to a church that supports Louis Farrakhan, an anti Semitic racist.

4. They don't want to defend Black Liberation theology.

5. They don’t want a candidate that lies about his relationship with Tony Rezko, the Syrian Criminal that sold his property to Obama and supported his campaign.

6. They don't want a candidate that could work with a domestic terrorist, William Ayers.

7. They don’t want a candidate that Hamas supports.

8. They don’t want a candidate that Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam support

9. They don’t want a candidate that has a wife that has just now realized she was proud of our country.

10. They don’t want a candidate that denies Florida and Michigan their voices

11. They don’t want a candidate that mentions 57 states in his speeches. 50 states in the USA and 57 states in the Nation of Islam (IOC website)

12. They don’t want a candidate that fights unfair and steals Michigan delegate votes from his opponent.

13. They don't want a candidate that is inexperienced, especially dealing with military issues.

14. They don’t want a candidate that considers it a loss to not to be able to attend his anti American, racist Church.

15. They don’t want a candidate that has a “non practicing” Muslim father, but avoids the entire discussion of his father.

16. They don’t’ want a candidate that won’t debate

17. They don’t’ want a candidate that misleads the youth with an ‘Obama girl and her behind in their face”

18. They don’t want a candidate that says he’s an African American and missed the MLK Remembrance Day and the Louisiana Black Caucus meeting

19. They don’t want a candidate that enjoys laughing at sexism

20. They don't want a candidate that switches his position on gun control, FISA, the war in Iraq, religion and government....

21. They don't want a candidate that showcases his daughters on TV shows.

22. They don’t’ want a candidate that has poor judgment.

23. They don’t' want a candidate named; Barack Hussein Obama

24. He is embarrassing.

25. He scares them to death.

Anonymous said...

I was a Democrat because of
FDR, the New Deal, Bobby Kennedy, Cesar Chavez, Fannie Lou Hamer, Dolores Huerta, Allen Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffman, Eleanor Roosevelt & many others.

These were individuals who fought for their positions, no matter how unpopular.

I am not a Democrat any more because all I see are sound bytes and penises out of control and NO ONE fighting for the poor or oppressed.

I am switching to the Green Party.

Anonymous said...

While I'm certain this post will be removed {because, as you say, you're real democrats} I just had to say you Clinton people need to get over yourselves. Your voice WAS heard- we have a little thing called primaries in this country. You lost.

All you can hope to do is destroy this country more, because you believe your candidate was treated in a sexist manner. Well, that sword cuts both ways. I'm fairly certain there isn't a man in the world that would have been good enough this time around.

I know you won't stop. This is to make ME feel better about Clinton supporters obvious dislike of MY candidate. Just remember when you're in a bread line next fall that you did it to yourselves, and everyone else you know, because of your elitist attitudes. It was more important to win for yourselves than for the country.

So, in closing, go to hell Clintonistas! And don't bother showing up for the victory party in nov. - after all, none of us Obamacans are worth spitting on, right?

Daniel Zuk
Aurora, Colorado

Anonymous said...

We actually feel we didn't get a chance. Once again the newspapers weighed in and influenced voters. Do you really think Obama has a chance because he can beat Hillary in the red states? What would have happened if states delegates were winner take all like the national election? Elitist? Type elitist into Google and a few hits down it states,"Sen. Barack Obama is saddled with a potentially toxic image problem: that he has an elitist attitude". Don't find Hillary's name anywhere.

Will you still support us after Hillary gets the nomination? All we need is for some of the superdelegates to come to there senses!!!

Biden? Good pick. Isn't Biden the one that said the position of President should be used for on the job training when asked about Obama in a debate? That sould help his chances.

Worst case it's Hillary in 2012. At least McCain is palatable on some of the issues.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. Thank you for your work. I will definitely vote for Mccain if Hillary doesn't get the nomination. I understand what Hillary said in her speech that we are in this with her not simply because of her, but also the people who don't have healthcare But, you have to listen, voting Obama would mean Hillary would not be able to become a president until 2018? who knows what is going to happen in the coming 8 years?? If Obama becomes the president, given his ability, i am sure people would quit voting for democratic after 4 years....and hillary's chance in 2018 might be affected by his incompetence!! Voting for mccain might not be ideal; at least, it will give hillary a chance in 2012. Also, this is the only way the dems will learn their lesson of forcing a candidate down our throat. Also, even though Hillary's policies might be close to Obama's than Mccain's, but I believe Obama is not going to deliver what he promised given his flip flopping record and his incompetence. With the old mccain, we still have hopes that Hillary would come clean up his mess after 4 years. Not only obama is an impotent jerk, he also stole the nomination...speaking of Bush like, Obama is more Bush like than Mccain!!! I have been a democrat since i start to understand politics, but now i am an independent. I will not donate a dollar to the party until they learn their lesson. For the people who have no health care, for hillary, we need to vote for Mccain!! That is the only way we will get health care in 4 years...instead of supporting the all-talk Obama!! Hillary 2012!!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Hillary Clinton in the Michigan election because our party leaders told us when our primary was been held. My vote should have been counted for the person i wanted as my president: Hilary Clinton. All primaries should be held on the same day and same month in every state. The winner of each state won should win all those delegates. Shame on the DNC and Howard Dean for this mess.