Thursday, July 10, 2008

Comments from Obama Supporters on FISA

Here are a few comments from the website on Obama voting for FISA

From Joy
"As i come across different columns, blogs, media, the same feelings come out with true obama supporters. We're hurting. Sure you hear anger, confusion, reasoning why, yet over and over, the message of what he sold us, was just pretty packaging, no content. it feel like the wind was knocked out of me, i went from cheering his ever word, giving money when i really had none to give, convincing friends to leave hillary and vote for him, why? because he's different, a true leader of the people, a once in a lifetime man of honor. Yet guess what folks?, he's not different that the rest of them, we all thought we knew a panderer when we saw them, we all thought we were wise enough to recongnize the lies hidden in their words, but he got us didn't he?"

From Andrew
"Sorry Barack, but I won't be donating any more money to you during the month of July because you really disappointed me with you vote on FISA. I will not pretend that I won't vote for you in the fall, because to be honest the alternative is scary (McBush), but don't expect any money from me until after you are officially nominated at the Convetion. My money will be donated to help put A DEMOCRAT in the White House."

From Awk
"You have turned your back on your most ardent and active supporters. What else can we expect from you? You said you would "change" the way Washington worked, that Scooter Libby system of justice, was unjust. Yet you just voted to implement a two-tiered system of justice in this country, where the rich and well connected are pardoned for their crimes yet over 2 million "little people" sit in prison. What else are you lying about? Will you appoint judges that want to strip us of more rights? Are you a "Clarence Thomas guy"? Will you appoint Colin Powell as your SecDef? What other shivs are you planning to thrust into the backs of your supporters and small donors?"

Now is the time to reach out to our fellow Obama supporters and let them know there is an option. Hillary can still be elected our nominee at the convention.

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Anonymous said...

Let's keep doing something every single day to support and advocate for Hillary Clinton. Obama is slip sliding away bit by bit. Let's seize the moment and run with it! We have a finite amount of time between now and Denver. Make a To-Do List and check something off each day.

Patricia said...

Let us not use words anymore....let us use...ACTIONS..We need Hillary Rodham Clinton in that White House...WE all need to "unite" for the betterment of our country....GO HILLARY....!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems each day, Obama shoots himself in the foot or I should say his true self is slowly surfacing....We need Hillary NOW!

Obama is an empty suit, he will say anything to get elected...EXIT STAGE RIGHT for OBAMA...NO DEAL!

AnnieOakley, Columbus, Ohio

Jane Heffelfinger said...

I feel sad for those supporteres.

My Mother, a Reupublican, supported Bush twice, even after Bush sent her oldest son off to Iraq. Every day, I watched as she watched the television hoping she's see him, yet hoping she wouldn't see him. No news was good new. It was so sad.

All of that was because of her dedication to THE PARTY.

I will never be so dedicated to THE PARTY that I make the same mistake as to vote for someone I do not feel is qualified for the position of POTUS.

Barack Obama has proven time and time again that he is not qualified for the position he has applied.

I hope those supporters band together like Hillary supporters and march of Denver.

If enough of the group organize and set themselves to action, we can still have a Democrat in the White House, if not, we will suffer 12 years of Republican rule.

cheryl said...

Suggestion: Make a site within the coalition for the disenchanted Obama supporters that have seen the man behind the curtain; maybe, call it "Back from Oz."

pumawhisper said...

Perhaps America IS starting to wake up. These comments leave a shimmer of hope.

Thanks for sharing.
Go Hillary!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm the poster who posted the first comment. Yes, Patricia, let's take action. Yes, Annie Oakley, we need Hillary now so let's do something each day toward that goal. Yes, Jane (I remember you from Hillary's site - hi!)we are organizing and need to do something each day. And, Cheryl, I love your creative idea. But, we probably already have lots of sites working toward the same end. Pumawhister, yeah, we need to have hope (loved that word 'till Obama usurped it - now it feels tainted). Let's all just make sure we act each and every day between now and the convention, and beyond.