Friday, July 11, 2008

Dedication from Hillary Supporters

Here is a comment I got
I just used part of my "stimulus" check to contribute $200 to retire Hillary's debt. Today is my late husband's birthday, and also my best friend's birthday (she's also a Hillary supporter). So, I am making this contribution to "our girl" in their honor.

This makes a total of $1900 I have contributed during & after the whole campaign. I am 70 years young, retired after a long career in public relations & advertising. Obviously, I live on a small, fixed income. I feel VERY strongly about retiring Sen. Clinton's debt. If we want women (and especially Hillary) to run for office, we all must put our money where our mouths are! We cannot let her suffer the ignomy of having a big unpaid debt. Just think of the horrible, hateful pundits having a field day with that!

I have contributed a little every month, as best I can, and made up for it by doing without a dinner or so a month out with my friends. It's THAT important to me! If I can do it with my limited income, anyone can. Please people, hurry and help her out...
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Kiki said...

This is beautiful and I hope she continues to help Hillary and I wil do the same.

A said...

I just donated $50

Amarissa said...

What a touching story! Thank you so much for sharing your feelings. We, as you, are doing as much as we can with donations. We hope that through our sacrifices, we can eliminate her debt and fight for a better America through a better candidate.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Been donating $10 every couple of weeks. Amarissa, your words are so beautiful!


Lauren M said...

If we have any chance of Hillary continuing her plight as President, we have to help her get out of debt. I look at her campaign as "our dept", everything she has done up until this time .... was for all of us! She has sacrificed so much of herself to make things better for all of us, the least we can do is help her financially. I love what she has done for me and I will continue to prove it by giving when I can.

THANK YOU Hillary for all the nights you didn't sleep, for all the meals you didn't get to eat, for all the miles you didn't mind walking, for all the hidden tears you cried alone, for all the times spent away from your family, for all the battles fought on my behalf, for giving me a voice even when I can't use mine and most of all ....... THANK YOU for being that someone who doesn't make me guess about who you are and that I can trust and feel totally safe with you being my representative.

seasonedcook said...

You all are beautiful to me. I feel
the same..God Bless you all for
thinking that way about Hillary..
Yes, I imagine she has cried many a tear, and she did go with out many hours of sleep tirelessly...She did it for us, you and me...I gave at the 1st of the month, and if I can squeeze a little more out I will send
something next the lady says, she is on limited income...and if she and I can do all should be able squeeze something also..every cent counts...It takes all of us now, more then ever...and yes, her debt is ours also..You all made me cry...and that is a good feeling...

M. Sakel said...

"You may write me down in History
with your Bitter, twisted lies
you may tread me down in the
very dirt
but still like Dust I'll rise!"

Maya Angelou's poem to Hillary
expressed how all of us feel about our Hillary--near and far!

Wherever we may be our thoughts and prayers will be with Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton and her family....and we will patiently await her return...and until then no tears shall we shed. But we will take the cause in our hands and remember the Beijing Speech of 1995...and the courage that this brave woman showed in challengint the Chinese officials to understand that....."Women's rights are Human Rights....and human rights are women's rights..."

Hillary understands like no other politician (and certainly not Empty Suit arrogantly sexist Barack) that the foundation of a strong, Healthy society is in the hands of the mothers who bring all of us into this world and are our first teachers, doctors and friends. Hillary is the only Public Servant who's dedicated her life to this Universal Truth.

Thank you Hillary for pioneering baack in '92, when everybody else was sleeping, to bring Universal Healthcare to everyone. It's a shame that Canada has had a national HealthCare Plan since 1965and Women's Rights are constitutionally entrenched...and American women are still waiting around for the republican scraps and the fraudulent ObaMyopic agenda that rejects health care for everyone and does not consider mental health as a factor in a woman's decision of terminating pregancy.

The media misogynist frat-boys pushed a fraudulent candidate to a fraudulent 'finish-line' of superdels....

Come November the 18 million cracks will shatter the DNC ceiling and let the Light shine in!
And ObaMyopics will be cured.


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