Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Heidi Li from The Denver Group appears on Cavuto

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vrajavala said...

This guy is such a jerk

Chloe said...

I can't believe this guy. I can't help but wonder if he is this rude when interviewing men. I will never watch him again, he is now on my list to avoid with others such as Chris Matthews, Keith Oberman and McCafferty. Thank you Heidi Li for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Heidi was amazing in the face of an interviewer who seemed hell bent on not giving her a moment to say a word. She remained composed, she was able to make her key points in a matter of just a few choice sentences. She had he talking points down and was incredibly adept at handling a situation that would have flustered most others. More power to you, Heidi and The Denver Group. By handling herself in this professional manner, she gives credibility to what we are all doing and trying to say, which is so important. We need media coverage and when we get it, we need to have a voice that will have the best chance of being heard. Heidi is a terrific spokesperson!


M. Sakel said...

Heidi remained cool and composed under the phenomenally condescending, flippantly machismo interrogative tactics of this misogynist Cavuto-freak who couldn't put a sentence together without reference to a style manual. But, actually, he needed an Emily Post course in manners and mandatory attendance at a Fox-sponsored pre-Journalism 101 course where interviewing techniques would be taught.

To call this clown a 'journalist' is an insult. But after we watched Hillary endure the misogynist media frat-boys' holocaust of insults....well...let's just call the clowns 'journalists' from now on!

I noticed how this clown cooled down after Heidi indicated with her demeanour and seriousness that her knowledgeability would not provide him with more excuses for aggresively histrionic flippancies!

I don't know the clown's name. What is it? I feel that this bozo is in training by the Masters of Misogynist Moronic Machismo--Leg-thriller Matthews, Histrionic Angryman Olbermann and Venompatriarch McCafferty.

Boycott MSNBC/NBC and CNN!

I wish NoQuarter and Riverdaughter's Confluence posts hosts would be interviewed by this clown and chew him up for digestion by the PUMAs!

Thanks, Heidi!...and Alex

pumawhisper said...

Way to go Heidi, You did a fabulous job of keeping your composure by not allowing the cacklebox to unerve you and managed to get a few good points in, probably more than he had wanted. Good job!