Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Superdelegates are for Sale?

Well what have we here?

Check it out... the source to this info is listed at the end of the video.

I look forward to your comments.

Once you're done watching this video, check this out....

Former Senator Ernest F. "Fritz" Hollings talks about what's right and wrong with Washington, and his book MAKING GOVERNMENT WORK. And he talks about MONEY as the source of our government's problems.


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captsfufp said...

I agree that this is suspicious...but if you take this point all the way, how do the superdelegate votes actually pan out if you allocate their votes based on their state results? While HRC did win the "big" states, Obama did win more states...so who's a net winner that way?

Anonymous said...

How do we get into this mess? Wasn't it enough we had Bush and Cheney twice? Now why did the people vote for O'Bama? When will they ever learn. It is obvious there is a lot of money coming for O'Bama. He has to be bought. The problem is, what is to be done? I will write in Hillary for president. Can I do this? Under no circumstances will I vote for O'Bama. The DNC sent me an e'mail wanting money for him.. As if!! I let them know that I had told them before not to even mention him to me... I don't see any reason to vote if Hillary isn't there. What is the use. jeanne

Alex Steed said...

Lawrence Lessig at Netroots Nation:

Quoting Al Gore: "In order to solve the climate crisis, we need to solve the democracy crisis.”

The democracy crisis, says Lessig, is an addiction to money. Our system, like the alcoholic is addicted to his drug, is addicted to its drug - Money.

Rockin Robin said...


Obama won a lot of republican states that will go to McCain in the general election. If the Democratic party were paying attention, and I am sure they were paying attention, they could see that Hillary can win the general election.

I have suspected all along that there is payola going on because why else would you endorse a candidate that could not win these big states?

To answer your question on who is the net winner. The answer is clearly Hillary.

Hillary won more than 300 electoral college votes by mid-May. You only need 270 to win the white house. Obama was only at 215electoral votes in May. So why would these superdelegates ignore their constituents that voted for Hillary? AND why would they ignore the fact that Hilary proved she can win the GE?

Why do you think PUMA got started? The door got slammed in Hillary supporters' faces.

To add insult to injury, the DNC rules and bylaws committee gave Obama votes in Michigan that were not even his AND gave him 4 of Hillary delegates. UNBELIEVABLE.

vrajavala said...

ou know we have done everything we can doto expose this crrok. The american Public is media -crazed.
We just have to BOYCOTT the media as Rev Manning says.

Anonymous said...

The elimination of Super Delegates has to be part of the democrats primary reform.

Anonymous said...

I have always suspected that money was changing hands from Obama to superdelegates and also for endorsements. Why else would Clinton supporters like Richardson suddenly change and go over to Obama?

Anyone who's been in politics or lived long enough knows that Obama is untried and green. He's a rookie. And people want to put him in charge of our safety and the entire United States? That scares me!


Isabel said...

Wow! Video is eyeopening. Wish mainstream media would show it on TV or at least talk about it -- too late? Maybe America would wake up and say "NO OBAMA." HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT.

crymeariver said...

We can't give up but this just reveals why the superdelegates get angry when we send emails about nominating Hillary and why many can't be reached. They will have to live with their conscience and answer to God one day.

Pray for a miracle people, if Obama wins our country is doomed and Iran will finish us off with their scud missle plan to destroy our infratstructure. We have little time to prepare for this attack yet Obama wants to just sit down and talk. WAKE UP AMERICA, TRY LIVING WITHOUT WATER, ELECTRICITY. NEWSMAX PREDICTS 2009, 2015 THIS ATTACK IN AMERICA WILL COME. FOLKS BETTER START BUYING UP BATTERIES, CANNED FOOD AND WATER ESPECIALLY IF OBAMA GETS IN. NOT A SCARE TACTIC.

Anonymous said...

Outrageous! Again, Outrageous! I'd like to give a copy to every attendee at the Convention.


Is it possible to make a printed flyer with this information and deliver it by hand - hundreds of hands! Deliver it to Congressional Offices, deliver it to hotel rooms, local congressional offices in the home states.

The information is dynamite - the question is how can we use it.

All else fails I'm voting for McCain.

Gloria Rickel

Anonymous said...

If you buy a super delegate, do you get to keep him? I'd like to buy a cute one.


Anonymous said...

To Vrajavala,

It is a good idea.

I have stopped watching MSNBC and CNN.

I also had informed the current DNC, Mr. Reed, Mr. Dean and other Democrats who support Mr. Obama not to send me E-mail any more. I just do not understand why some people do not open their eyes and ears.

Good help America and us.

LoveAmerica said...

Comment back to Gloria Rickel,
You make an excellent suggestion.
This information should be put in a brochure and left on bulletin boards, at bowling alleys, restaurant tables, bus stops to reach the people who don't normally research before voting. If they only new what we know, they would wake up.

We may have to buy adds for the newspapers and print these issues as it is obvious the newspapers aren't going to let anyone know. They didn't let people know about the free concert, free beer and pizza to draw the Oregon crowd or Berlin crowd now did they. The only way to reach those people who work hard and have no time for tv news reports or newspapers, we must reach by brochures or a mailing and that does cost money. It appears the only way to reach voters is by mail since media isn't helping. Great idea but how can we pull it off is the next great question. We need a millioinaire welling to foot the mailing bill.

Rockin Robin said...

what's really disgusting is that Ludacris will make millions on this song because of its controversy and all Obama has to do is do what he did with rev. wright. Pretend to have nothing to do with it.