Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ludacris Releases Song Attacking Hillary Clinton

-- Ludacris is in da gutta

Ludacris, rapper and avid supporter of Barack Obama (Obama once claimed to have Ludacris in heavy rotation on his iPod) has released a new song called 'Politics: Obama Is Here' in which he attacks Hillary Clinton as an 'irrelevant bitch'.

To read the lyrics and hear the song click here

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vrajavala said...

You know Rev. Dr. James d. Manning predicted 1/29/08 that if Obama won, the black community would "trash the white community back to the Mississippi plantation."
Ludachri s is one sorry person.

VaGurl007 said...

Ludacris is an idiot, and as a black woman I can firmly say that I am sick of these misogynists that call themselves rappers. It makes me sick to my stomach, and Barack supposedly listens to Mr. Cris on his IPOD. I hope every American condems the words of Ludacris and refuse to support him.

KDelphi said...

Geeezzz...WHY are so many women accepting this crap?? The bros over hoes t-shirts were bad enough..they're just making it impossible for me to support Obama. And what pisses me of the most is the attack on woking class and POOR whites and Hispanics...they're not tough enough for the big boys I guess...what Machismo!! Attack poor whites, cause its all our fault--NOT! There is ALOT more bias against someone like me in society than there is against someone clike Obama. When are people going to realize its more class than race--rich black dudes get off scott free al the time--but not poor black guys.Obama is going to give him a PARDON or something?? How insulting is THIS?!

Mawachpo said...

I can't believe that Obama thinks he can pull the wool over the Americans' eyes on this one. We're a pretty smart nation, albeit there have been mistakes, but we don't get duped all that easily. Obama obviously enjoys such music, and it's not surprise that rap and hip-hop are riddled with offensive lyrics, images, ideas, and lifestyle, but to hold off on distancing himself from it until it becomes a liability for him, claiming that it's some kind of surprise or revelation to him that rap works this way, that's just self-centered. He's so arrogant that he thinks he trick all of us and laugh all the way to the White House.

Just to get the rest of you a little angrier at Barack, read up on some more of his arrogance:

HiLLGAL2008 said...

Let's just call him what he is...a radical racist and a sexist. He's black when it's convenient and white when it isn't...he goes both ways in other words...He can take his millions and his billionaire friends, like Oprah and Tom Cruise and Will Smith and oh yes, take ganster rapper ludacris..because we are trying to raise our children, take care of our families and we work hard and we don't have time for celebrity politicians..who are all about photo ops and grinning while he runs down the steps of an airplane smiling and chewing gum...we need help, we need sustance and truth. We need to drill for oil, to get aways from the middle eastern dependence so that we do not ever have to go back there again...and in case anyone wants to know, we are there in Iraq and the Middle East, because we have to protect our oil interest...not because we like to control other countries or go to war...we are smarter than the DNC thinks we are, we do judge by the company one keeps and we absolutely do not need or want a President who has confused being President of the United States with being a celebrity..he is arrogant and he has no real plan for this country except what the others ( his advisors, or puppeteers) are prompting him to say...he won't debate because he can't...he sounds stupid and inexperienced, and though he can give a speech when someone writes one for him and he has a teleprompter...he is not very good at answering even simply put "What is your plan for doing this" or that.....

Anonymous said...

It's hardly coincidence that the rappers are associated with violence, or even victims of other rappers. Their lyrics and the tones only inject rhyme and rhythm into aggressively violent messages that defile the essential definition of music, usually an expression of high ideals, aspirations, and beautifully rendered emotions. To me, rap music is ugly, and simply a form of audio violence.
Silicon Valley Democrat

chris said...

no no no luda! what are you thinking? i am so bummed out! i WAS a big fan of luda's until now. these people do not realize how powerful us puma's are. because i buy luda's music and now that he has talked such trash about my hero hillary, never ever again will i buy anything that has anything to do with his name! LOSER!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm with chris. when are we puma's going to show the media and the democratic party how powerful we are? I'm giving money to Hillary Clinton every week, yet she is still in debt. I thought paying off her debt would allow her to be on the role call at the convention. I need some answers from the leaders of PUMA!

Christopher said...

How sad. I was a huge Ludacris fan, saw him live and it's even my nickname (My real name is Chris.)

But NO ONE attacks Hillary Clinton. She is such an important person in my life and to those who she has touched.

He has now been dropped from my play list and is never gonna be in my speakers again.

No Hillary hating is tollerated over here. Ever.