Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Could This Be A Message From Hillary To PUMAs

This is very awesome, could this be a message from Hillary to us PUMAs?

From the New York Observer talking about a recent Obama Clinton Fundraiser
At times humorous and passionate, Clinton dressed in a dark pantsuit with white piping around the collar, Clinton said that she couldn’t see everyone in the crowd because of the bright lights in her eyes. But, she said, “I know you’re there and I know that you’ll be there in November.”
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Anonymous said...

Come on. This feels a bit desperate, like verging on UFO sightings. I don't think Clinton needs to speak in double speak. We're all working on her behalf because we're inspired to. The chips will then fall where they may. I doubt Clinton meant anything more than what she's been saying for weeks now while campaigning for/with Obama which is encouraging everyone to vote for him in order to get a Democrat in the White House.

And we can probably assume she knows full well about PUMAs and all the grassroots efforts going on. I don't think she needs to speak in code to make sure we know that she knows. You know?


A said...

that was actually supposed to be just fun and amusing, I wasn't actually being serious.

Anonymous said...

Agreed... stop making Hillary supporters look like desperate lovers.

Ricco said...

I don't think its a desperate interpretation at all. Those who are familiar with having to talk in a way that can have double meaning in order to convey a message, in a public forum, that can be shrugged off if needed; can easily interpret this in that way.

Its genius. She knows about us and she knows she has to pretend to not see us for the moment. We are happy to just have a knowing glance because we understand we are like tigers crouched in the grass... FOR NOW. HILLARY 08!!!!

I'm ready for some Clinton magic, ARE YOU?


waytogohillary said...

Way to go Ricco!
I agree one can interpret what they want but those of us who know a strong brilliant woman know what to look for and we just got it.


Anonymous said...

Your delusional! Hillary does not support PUMA or the other 2 million against Obama and demanding she petetion for the nomination.

Anonymous said...

Stop looking so desperate and childish. Hillary will not thwart the convention and she will support Obama. Hillary has denounced the PUMA's and other organization against Obama. Do something wise and help her with the 25 million dollar debt if you support her and stop whinning.