Wednesday, July 30, 2008


--The Huffington Post talks to JUST SAY NO DEAL member, THE DENVER GROUP
July 30, 2008

Ask random passersby on an street corner to name the democrats' nominee for president. Among those who follow politics at all, 99.9 percent will answer, "Obama."

If Heidi Li Feldman, a blogger and a professor of law (and philosophy) at Georgetown University Law Center, and Marc Rubin, a blogger, veteran ad man, and movie and TV writer -- head writer for "The White Shadow" -- happened by, they would say there is no nominee yet, that the two ended the primary/caucus season in "a virtual tie," in Feldman's words, neither of them having the requisite number of pledged delegates to claim the prize. 2118 are needed; Obama got there only with the help of superdelegates who are free, Feldman says, to change their minds until they actually cast a vote at the convention in Denver late next month. That's when, if Feldman and Rubin, who co-founded and are the only official members of The Denver Group, have anything to say about it -- and of course they don't -- the superdelegates, in accordance with DNC rules and bylaws, should be called on to reconsider who is the stronger candidate against John McCain.

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Alessandro Machi said...

Can August be, Help Hillary win month?

Just a thought.


vrajavala said...

I had an insight about Hillary's quietness tonight and I wanted to share it.