Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hundreds flock to see Hillary in Syracuse has a great article and coverage of Hillary speech on energy in Syracuse today.

Here is a part is Hillary never mentioned Obama, not once.
Syracuse -- Hundreds of Central New Yorkers flocked to Hanover Square this morning to hear Sen. Hillary Clinton talk about renewable energy and show their support for Clinton in her first visit to Upstate New York since she withdrew from the presidential race....

The crowd of several hundred responded to Clinton like she was a rock star, using cell phones to snap pictures, hugging her, and asking for her autograph on any scrap of paper they could find.

"She hugged me," gushed Stephanie Roehm after posing for a photo with Clinton.

"I think she is awesome," said Joanne Landers of Liverpool, who took a break from her downtown job to catch a glimpse of Clinton. "I'm bummed (she isn't running for president). I'm hoping she will take the VP job."

"If she's the vice president, I'll vote for Obama. Otherwise I'm not voting," said Nicole Baldwin of Volney.(click here to read the rest)

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear she didn't once mention Obama. She needs to distance herself from this empty suit of a candidate!

Anonymous said...

After looking at some of the comments posted it is CLEAR the OBAMA IDIOTS are DESPERATE! Still slandering HER and she is NOT the Threat! They had BETTER FEAR the rest of US though!

Patricia said...

Hillary is such a class act...I just hope and pray that things change...I would have loved to have seen her...I don't live far from where she was but didn't have the opportunity to get there...I agree with "Anonymous 1" in that Hillary really needs to "distance" herself from Obama...the way he, his campaign/supporters treated her and the media Hillary needs to stay clear of him...of course he needs her help and Bill's...but, she nor Bill should help him win the White House....he doesn't deserve it...he played "dirty politics" as far as I'm concerned!! I still feel this should go to the Convention!!!

vrajavala said...

She didn't withdraw from the race. She "suspended it.
please visit my blog aobut a new group that is being formed to make sure Hillary is on the ballot in Denver.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this story and link! So nice to see Hillary again without whats-his-name! (I sure won't remember it in Nov either!!)


PUMA: Kiss Him Goodbye, Hillary!!!