Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Post Your Favorite Hillary Moments

Here is a funny video I saw posted on ClintonDems
Hillary gets a proposal

Kiki17 from ClintonDems just posted a few great videos in the comments. Here is my favorite of the bunch.
Hillary Tells It Like It Is

Post some of your favorite Hillary moments and memories in the comments

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Aidyn said...

I was the one that post that on ClintonDems.
Here are my others favorite ones

Anonymous said...

I love this idea and love the videos posted so far! Very heart warming, inspiring and great reminders of why we're all in this movement together! Thanks!

aidyn said...

I found another one

Hanneke said...

I love this idea too... Yesterday, I was thinking about making a best of Hillary video myself....

Well, here are my favorite Hillary moments:

Hillary VS Dick Cheney:

Hillary shame on you Barack Obama:

Hillary responds to SNL skit

Hillary talks about Chelsea:

Hillary on dealing with evil and bad men:

Oh and I loved the Bill O'Reilly interview:

aidyn said...

hannaeke, great videos!

you should really do a Hillary video, i would love to see it!!

Hanneke said...


I forgot to post one of my favorite Hillary moments...... Seriously, if you haven't seen this one... you've got to see it, I was LMAO, the first time I saw it.....