Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obama Takes Over The Democratic Party

Here is a good article from the Iowa Independent
At least 20 employees of the Iowa Democratic Party have been demoted or fired and a coordinated state-wide campaign was essentially disbanded, replaced by a focus on the presidential bid of Sen. Barack Obama.

Details are sketchy, but the changes could have an impact on November's legislative races, with field staff that was previously working for down-ticket races now being placed on the payroll of Obama's presidential campaign and working almost entirely on its behalf...

By mid-June the Obama campaign had deployed its own staff to Iowa to lead its general election campaign here, a move that is typical for a presidential nominee. But Obama's campaign began to assign organizers to parts of the state where the coordinated campaign already had a presence, and insiders began to wonder why. In the past week and a half, the answer to that question has been slowly revealed.

Obama's campaign demanded that its own staff replace existing staff in places where there was overlap and cast aside several opportunities to cooperate with down-ticket candidates between now and November, another source familiar with the negotiations said. Essentially, the state coordinated campaign was disbanded and replaced by the Obama campaign organization.(READ MORE)

I am shocked that the Democratic party is allowing this to happen. They are being replaced one by one with Obamabots. Let's say for some reason Obama loses the general election....then what. What a mess we will be left with, no organized party just an Obama operation left in shambles.....

Hillary if your reading this..SAVE US!

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nancysabet said...

This is fascism in its best. Getting red of those who he may think are not going to be loyal to him!! This is so discosting, we need you Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I still am amazed I have any shock left in me to feel, but it just keeps on coming. When I've called the DNC (national and local offices) in recent days, I have consistently encountered unbelievably rude people. Once they know you're a Clinton supporter it's like you're the enemy. So much for Obama's claims that he's for the people, to be inclusive, etc. The party has been taken over by a bunch of autocrats. And it's frightening. We must all commit to working every day to advance our voice and this movement.

Patricia said...

There needs to be "action" taken...words aren't doing it...it's sickening to read how Obama and his supporters have been..yet, Hillary is good enough to "help" him...I don't think that she and Bill should not help him...let him do it on his own...For a man who has "no experience" should not have the honor of being our President...we all can hope that things change and America wakes up!!!

pumawhisper said...

Jesse Jackson's private slip was music to my ears. Finally a black person saying the truth about another black speaks volumes.

Wake up America before it is to late. DNC delegates you know what you have to do and you need to take back the democratic party from Obama's clinches.

Don't force us to vote for McCain.
We want Hillary!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone - Make a committment to take action every single day. Make a To-Do list. You don't have to spend half your day or contact every superdelegate and every media outlet, etc. Just keep chipping away at something productive every day. The convention is looming ahead on the horizon and there's much work to be done. Let's get to it. Blogging is great, but is can suck you in and before you know it hours have gone by that could have been put to better use.