Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Miss Hillary Too!

I saw this great post on NoQuarter about missing Hillary

You know, I am pretty tired of having to write about Barack Obama and whatever crapola he is claiming/twisting/changing today. I am sick of him and his duplicity. Not that I am surprised by it - not one iota. I am just sick of it. And I miss hearing Hillary Clinton. I miss her speeches, I miss her rallies, I miss her passion, I miss her personality. So, I thought I would pull up a great video of her speaking to the HRC board. So, if you have been missing her like I have, sit back and enjoy listening to her, and appreciating all that she has done (and would have done as president) for the LGBT community. As has often been noted, she has been a stalwart supporter of this community.

If I been posting more then usual it is because I am committed. I am so tired of the Obama supporters, I have even had friends totally turn on me. Recently a friend I made when campaigning for Hillary did a complete 180 and became completely evil. He is mean to me and other Hillary supporters. I don't understand how Obama does that to people. His supporters are bulliess and thugs, I don't understand the change but it is a good example of the effect Obama has on people. So let us work hard to support Hillary and the entire PUMA movement. We need to get the word out there, Obama is just one big flip flopper and I personally don't want to see our country get thrown under the bus.

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Cecilia said...

I too missed Hillary!!
I missed her professionalism, and her passion for this country.
Like you, I am sick and tired of hearing about Obama, and his bullies.
That double faced liar gets away with murder!!

Patricia said...

I miss Hillary so much...it just makes me so sad that all of this has happened...I am so tired of hearing Obama brag about himself...I know that there is no love between him and Hillary...he only wants her and Bill to help him get into that White House and I keep praying everyday that does not happen..he does not deserve that "honor"...something needs to be done...that plane that he was in the other day that needed to land...makes me wonder if there wasn't more to it...WE can only hope that things change at that Convention....nothing is set in stone...yet!!!! Obama's "smooth talk" has swayed way too many people....AMERICA had better wake up and do it soon!

irma said...

We all miss Hillary. I haven't watched TV since Senator Clinton suspended her campaign. I don't mean just the news, I just don't watch TV. I don't like Senator Obama and I'm not ashamed to say it. It has nothing to do with his race, it's his personality and patriotism of which he has none. I will always support Senator Clinton and I know that she will be our President this time or next. I wish there was some way that I could let her know how much she has touched our hearts. My family found faith, togetherness and strength because of her. The fact that I'm a Democrat won't stop me from voting for McCain in November, he has run an extraordinary campaign full of dignity and grace and has always been respectful of Senator Clinton. And he has the experience to run this great nation. What would our great country be like if we all just said, "The hell with working hard and earning something, I'm just gonna wing it and see how many fools I can get to support me". I detest ALL those that treated Senator Clinton so horribly, and I admire the way she handles herself in spite of all the adversity.

pumawhisper said...

I think America is waking up. Hillary may be back on the scene but folks prepare yourself for lies and hatred thrown at her from the Obama and conservatives. They will give her Hell but you know what, she is as tough as they come and I think she can take them on.

I think Jesse Jacksons true feelings on Obama speaks volumes and he has no need to apologize for sharing with us. I appreciate a black person finally saying what many would like to say opening. I do feel for him though as he didn't realize the world would hear his inner feelings. I think he is a true hero though and has nothing to be ashamed up.

Anonymous said...

I miss Hillary too!!!!! Obama's fans are the reason I cannot vote for him. I've always thought that you are judged by the company you keep...and Obama's fans certainly support that theory! People gravitate to like people.

As for Jesse Jackson...I think some of his comments are simply because Obama is HALF black trying to be all black and has a shot at the presidency whereas Jesse is ALL black and lost his chance. However...if I were Jesse Jackson and had run for the POTUS and lost and then some great speaker when he has a teleprompter comes in and does what I wanted to do...I would be pissed as hell too!


Anonymous said...

We're all outraged, pissed, frustrated, shocked. But, we have each other for support. Let's make sure we channel our emotions into action each and every day.The convention is around the corner. Now is the time to seize every opportunity to have our voices heard. Take action every day.

cristian said...

Not only do I miss Hillary, I feel I'm not really a Democrat, had Hillary been a Republican, I would have voted Republican, had she been Independent that's what I would have voted. And fortunately for McCain I will be voting for him, unless, miraculously somehow, Hillary is on the ballot. As for Jesse Jackson, whoah...finally an African American who's not afraid to be called a racist, because anyone who is against Obama or has anything remotely negative about him or his lack of experience, is a racist. For the first time in my adult life, I am happy to call myself a Republican, oh and also, I'm proud of my country (always have been Michelle).