Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm not voting for Obama...Here's Why:

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seasonedcook said...

I hope the grassroots out here for
Hillary has not given up...there is so many little clubs popping up, we need to band together into one...
say Puma..This sight does not give as much info as the other sights...
OBAMA IS A FRAUD from day one! I have not been taken in by him, nor will I be..It is Hillary or none...
I wish I could go to the convention...It only costs $200 to take the bus with puma, but my legs will not let me go that far...I could cry..I am an old woman. You younger ones should get behind her,
and go to the convention, and let
no stone unturned for Hillary..Type in Puma in search...and look for the details how to get a bus to go to the convention...I am doing my part by sending e mails and writing letters and talking to who ever will listen to me to get behind Hillary..we need this grassroots organized to get as many behind her
as possible..like her campaign things are mishandled..and the word is not getting out there...feelings are still bad....but no one is talking....Come on people talk..
talk to each other and get behind

Anonymous said...

I will never vote for Mr. Obama. He is just a talker, not a doer. He seems to flip-flop a lot lately, but somehow the media lets him get away with this character. He can give a wonderful speech if it is a prepared speech. However, he cannot answer tough questions-the type of questions that the world leader will face. Even if he picks Hillary as VP, I still will not vote for him.

Hillary is my only choice for president of the United States of America.

We should vote for JM, though, becasue if we do not vote in Novemeber it means that we vote for Mr. Obama. The current DNC and the media are so unfair to Hillary.

LoveAmerica said...

seasonedcook is so right. We must not fragnate but be one voice. I was disappointed with some blogger yesterday somewhere saying our group should push Cindy Sheeham etc.
This is not a good strategy, we must stay focused on Hillary, the unfairness of DNC and the convention delegates to do the right thing and last resort vote for McCain to keep Obama from winning.

Obama has taken over the DNC. Already has a bigger place picked out for his big speech so the starry eyed youth can buy his memorabilia and probably see a fireworks show and perhaps a rock concert to bring out the crowd like he did in Oregon which the media barely disclosed and here we all thought he had a lot of supporters. It was the free concert people.

Many Kids would have supported Saddam Hussein under these circumstances. It is so sad how our youth has been taken in. (not all but many).

Kids are not the only ones being taken in. Our Democratic leaders are falling all over themselves, helping him through his many mistakes. I don't understand it. There are plenty of great black leaders I could support but not this Obama guy. He just speaks out of all sides of his mouth and there is simply no trust he will do anything he says and says anything he wants and gets a pass. Change! is taking on a whole new meaning. Whatever he wants? Wake up America before it is too late.