Saturday, July 5, 2008

Clintons4McCain is ON THE AIR


Clintons4McCain are launching their blogradio show today. The topic? Obama's voting record. Please log onto today 5:30pm Est / 2:30pm Pacific.

Today their guest is Robin Carlson from the

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mary said...

i for one am voting for mccain, unless by some miracle hillary is our democratic nominee. i am so tired already of this "black crap". i am not racist, however, when marie rene sang the black national anthem instead of the star bangled banner in denver the other day it just was nauseating. (i am hispanic) is this what we have to look forward to if obama is president? everything is going to change to black this or that? good GOD! i am sick of it already

vrajavala said...

There's a new group denver group that is calling for an open convention with Hillary on the ballot.
please check out the links on my website
and try to support them
obama is killing himself every time he opens his mouth. the times are changing.

Kiki said...

Thanks for posting!

Kiki said...

this is a great video

Anonymous said...

Apparently it doesn't matter if we vote for McCain or vote at all!

Anonymous said...

In all honestly how can you go from voting to hillary to voting for mccain when obama is closer to hillarys ideas than Mccain is. It doesnt make since especially since Mccain is closer to bush and so are you saying that hillary is similar to bush as well since you are now thinking of voting mccain. In away you are deserting the democratic party and it doesnt make since especially when hillary is still a big part of it