Friday, July 4, 2008

ALERT - if you have donated PLEASE READ

For legal reasons ~ please fill out this form so that your money will be redirected appropriately.

Otherwise your monies donated to may be returned in time.



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Anonymous said...

I donated to help eliminate her campaign debt from 2008. I didn't donatet for her 2012 Senate run. Now if it's for her 2012 presidental bis, that would be a different story. So if the money won't go to pay down her 2008 campaign debt or her 2012 presidential run, then by all means, send it back. Thanks.

Kiki17 said...

Change that works for him

I am donating today! :-)

Anonymous said...

I just went to HillaryClinton.Com and clicked on the link to retire her primary campaign debt. I contributed xxx.44 to Hillary and am now going to make an equal donation to John McCain's.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I'm trying to help Clinton retire her debt from her 2008 Presidential campaign, not contribute to her 2012 Senate campaign. Please clarify. I think it's crucial that communication is clear and that we are not redirected to a site that relates to an upcoming Senate race. I'm with anonymous poster #1 in that I'm not sure what this is about. I assume it's for her Senate seat, but is it about an anticipated Presidential campaign in 2012? We need more info. Please clarify on the site asap!!!

Rich said...

I'm totally confused and it usually takes alot to get me confused.

How far back can my contribution be changed?

Could this be used for a presidential bid in 2012?

Why would they send me my money back I contributed and why wouldn't it go towards her campaign debt?

Anonymous said...

If you have already contributed $2300 to Hillary for the 2008presidential campaign, then you have contributed the maximum, so any excess will be returned to you unless you want to contribute to her 2012 Senate run. I doubt she is accepting contributions for a 2012 presidential campaign.

Anonymous said...

How can that form be legit??

Anonymous said...

Any funds that I have donated, since Hillary suspended her campaign, are SPECIFICALLY to go to retire her debt. Under NO conditions if that money to be used for supporting the unelected changling Obama.
Marilyn Damon

Anonymous said...

Any money donated to Hillary cannot legally go to Obama or the DNC to those who are concerned about that. It's the law. A campaign cannot take donated funds given to it and then give any of those funds to another campaign. I confirmed this directly with a staff member at Clinton campaign headquarters.

I do wish someone from this web site would clarify they home page headline so we needn't continue to post these messages about our confusion regarding funds being "returned."