Sunday, July 6, 2008

You'd Think The DNC Would Get The Message

WASHINGTON: In an ominous sign for Democratic nominee Barack Obama's campaign, a new survey has found that Hillary Clinton's supporters may not cast their ballot for the African American candidate in the November presidential election.

A week after Clinton made a public show of unity with Obama after being trounced in a racially devisive contest for the party ticket, the survey suggests supporters of the New York senator are increasingly less likely to follow her lead.

A growing number of Clinton supporters say they may stay home in November instead of casting their ballot for Obama, who hopes to be the first black-American president, a clear sign the party has yet to coalesce around the Illinois senator four weeks after the most prolonged, bitter primary race in modern American history came to a close.

The number of Clinton supporters who plan to defect to John McCain's camp is down from one month ago, but in what could be an ominous sign for Obama as he seeks to unify the party, a growing number of them say they may not vote at all, according to a new survey from CNN and the Opinion Research Corporation.

In a CNN/ORC survey conducted in early June, entirely before the New York senator officially ended her White House bid, 22 per cent of Clinton supporters said they would not vote at all if Obama was the party's nominee.

Now close to a third say they will stay home. In all, only 54 per cent of Clinton backers say they plan on voting for Obama.

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Anonymous said...

i seriously doubt the number is that low. you can imagine they are tilting those surveys toward obama. so, you know the numbers are way higher of us clinton supporters who will not vote him. that does even include the silent ones. example: elderly, people are not on the internet, and etc..

Anonymous said...

Does Silicon Valley have a local chapter of PUMA? I wish to offer my assistance in writing Hillary Clinton on the voting ballot in November.

Anonymous said...

I'm a member of the Hillary Clinton Forum
and a member of PUMA. I don't think that a blog supporting Hillary Clinton should say that she got TROUNCED in the primaries when we all know this was not the case. Let's choose our words more carefully. The world is watching.

Patricia said...

Hillary was treated so unfairly...not just by Obama...his campaign...his supporters...the DNC...the media...Obama is nothing more than a "smooth talker" and I don't believe in those numbers because we all know they aren't true...fabricated to make Obama look good...things need to change at the Convention...we cannot let someone who has "no experience" take over that White cannot be words needs to be....ACTION!!!

bpower said...

Trounced?!?!?!?!? We are still supporting Hillary until after there is a NOMINEE, that is, after the convention.

Then, if it is OBAMA, we are voting McCain.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this article was written by the site, but was taken from a news source. I remember seeing it over the weekend somewhere else.

The article seems to still be like propaganda for Obama in some ways and biased against Hillary. They say "trounced" when it's clear that Sen. Clinton was not trounced, she clearly won the popular vote in a close contest.
Probably just another reporter who is insanely jealous of Sen. Clinton and likes to say that because it makes them feel better about themselves.

But, also, they keep pointing out that Sen. Obama is African-American, which is probably an attempt to suggest that most of Hillary's supporters won't vote for him because he is African-American. Pretty lame.

Anonymous said...

Staying home is a vote for BO. If we are going to keep him out, and Hillary doesn't get a roll call, then suck it up and vote for McCain. He needs our votes. He only wants one term, and that will pave the way for Hillary in 2012. We CANNOT afford to let BO into the WH.

When you look at the % of Hillary supporters who will not vote for BO, the numbers are much higher.

We need to get this message out.

Anonymous said...

Trounced? Last time I checked Hillary got the popular vote.