Tuesday, July 8, 2008

PUMAs are taking our cause.... to the Delegates


PUMAs !!

We're now taking our cause for reclaiming delegates to the battle *front lines*!!

Hillary's PUMA Voters: "It's Not Too Late!"

In the wake of Barack Obama's recent perceived move to the center, disaffected supporters of Hillary Clinton have released a "Call To DNC Delegates" urging them to "leave fraudulent Obama in Denver" and "save the Democratic Party by nominating the truer Democrat."

Posted on the website of the group called PUMA or "Party Unity My Ass" -- one of the groups that make up the mostly Democratic anti-Obama "Just Say No Deal coalition" -- the call asks "just 175 delegates" to throw their support to Hillary Clinton at the convention.

To read more go to:


Please, go there now and comment... and comment... and comment!!

THESE are the people we MOST want to reach out to right now! Obama is betraying THEM now!!

Because of this, I ask that you be as reasoned and diplomatic as you can possibly be!!

THANK you!!

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Tabitha LoVerso said...

I kept trying to leave a comment on that page, but everytime I did it never appeared. Conspirarcy? Potentially, because I know there are more people out there that simply want representation, which is the job of the superdelegates! Not to hyperimpose their own agendas and wills on the block! They, like everyone else in politics is supposedly to be there to serve the people!

I just think it's funny that the Obamabots feel they have every right to be haughty and nasty and those who oppose him are simply supposed to roll over! Ridiculous! Just like they have a right to believe in him, so do those who believe in McCain, as well as the 18 million plus of us who support Hillary!

I like the rest of her supporters am eager to see what's going to happen in Denver as well as in November! Burn 'em Hill! Or if that doesn't happen, he sure as hell doesn't need any of our votes or support (mainly money that he's seeking!)

Seriously, normally I'm not like this, but FUCK HIM and all of his supporters! There are not getting one red cent from me and shouldn't from anyone that originally supported Hillary! Traders!

Patricia said...

Tabitha...I could not agree with you more...you can be sure that site has Obama supporters on there and are interjecting any comment...welllllllllll....these supporters need to realize one thing..and, that is....the Convention is coming up and how will they be able to handle any Hillary supporters??? You can be sure that voices will be heard and the unfair way that Obama took was rightfully Hillary's....It makes me sick...that he's only using Hillary to get into that White House....the man does not deserve the "honor"...shame on him for how he has acted....he might consider growing up!